Meanwhile in Mental Hospital…



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  1. What EUro got to say about this?

  2. Italiano Medio February 16, 2016

    This can’t end well…

  3. This is simply not very funny. Political satire should be more than “politician X is crazy”. Especially when the joke is borderline racist.

    • I find it pretty funny. I would suggest photoshopping D. Trumps head into the scene. Goes with pretty much anything he could say. :-)
      The cynical part is that the US would cripple to a halt when all illegal immigrants (major target of low wage worker exploitation) and immigrants of the last five years would be brought out of the country.
      I expect all the Redheads aren’t doing well in both industrial laundrys and designing the next iPhone.
      but tell that to Mr. Trump.

    • It’s funny cause it’s true, 2 years max and angela merkel is either out of a job and/or locked away (fingers crossed)

    • @Effendi
      I find it funny too – but for different reasons. I suggest photoshopping Bernie Sanders head into the scene.
      About 5 years ago, people in California had a “What would you do without all the illegal aliens” day, wherein all the illegals refused to come to work.
      That was the best day I’ve ever had -> no traffic on the freeway, no intimidating thugs walking down the streets and everything was still open and operating. I only had to drive two extra blocks to fill up my tank because el cheapo gas was shutdown for the day.
      No loss.

  4. Bubba and Joe Bob February 16, 2016

    Wait… who’s this politician X? Ain’t we got’s enough people running for office? People willin’ to work and pay taxes cant be all bad. Beats the heck outta some of the lazy, “lay on their butts” we got now. “Racial?” Sounds like somebody is got their foot caught in a trap of being “culturally different.”

  5. World’s richest country right now was built just like this.

  6. Probably the worst joke on this site yet.

    • The old man on the mountain February 17, 2016

      Copy that.

    • Also the most accurate if you know a bit about this crazy b**ch and what she’s done to germany

    • No love for merkel, but using minorities as scapegoats was the brilliant solution of the one with a funny moustache.

  7. The old man on the mountain February 17, 2016

    If you like this “joke” you might like these websites as well:

  8. So many delusional commenters on one thread. We need more straight jackets.

  9. Good one, Merkel has ruined Germoney like no other chancelor before. Hope she´s gone soon.

  10. Ah well. I never voted for her and never will, but she gets my utmost respect for this one. The alternative would be to let those people die, as the guys who destabilized the whole area simply don’t want to have anything to do with this. If all rich countries would follow what Merkel does right now (concerning the refugees), it would be pretty easy to handle for the countries involved. As it stands it is Sweden and Germany who carry the burden right now.

    • The old man on the mountain February 18, 2016

      Right in every point Anteater!

    • The Libertine February 18, 2016

      There’s no such thing as rich countries. There are people who possess wealth who reside within a country. Those wealthy people won’t be subsidizing the refugees — that falls to the working classes who are taxed for the privilege of working.
      I really enjoy reading comments like yours because it validates what the ruling class knows: serfs, in spite of access to education and regular meals, are easily manipulated into consuming whatever narrative they want you to believe. And if you don’t understand what the ruling class is, don’t worry, you’re not a member and never will be. Just consume, watch tv, and go back to sleep.

  11. Jesus. All those Germans here. Me too. Any other nationalities? I mean, you look for a nice community of weirdos and end up with the same old endless discussions about what’s rrright and wrrrrong (please roll both Rs for the correct Germanic feeling). oh yes – the subject: I never voted for her (party) and never will, but she has my deepest respect and I’m so happy that this wealthy country can help at least some tormented souls. Cheers.

  12. I knew the comments would be filled with righteous indignation. Was not disappointed.

  13. Accurate. And funny.

  14. It seems logical to conclude that any country with a national debt of any size can not be included in the ‘Rich Country’ category, and since most of Europe tops the debt list, logic should force a thinking person to conclude that Europe would not be the best place to send refugees. With much less debt and ,therefore, ‘richer’, AND closer are all the OPEC middle east member states, culturally much closer to the refugees as well, so logic would say sending refugees there is the best course of action, yes?

  15. Yes it all , but it is a real tragedy for German tax payers

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