Can You Solve This Math Problem?



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  1. There’s no way anyone could solve this.


  3. Common american problem.
    The school system is the worst.

  4. 4 Days 'Til Odd Squad November 23, 2014

    Why do white, suburban kids wear their pants so low? No one thinks that they’re gansta. No one thinks that they are tough. No one wants to see their sloppy underwear.

    • mebbe I’m blind, but I didn’t see suburban kids of any color in this picture wearing their pants “so low.” Get back to me on this and point out the kids in the picture to whom you refer

    • 2 Days 'Til Odd Squad November 25, 2014

      I was just sayin’.

  5. English women are porking up now too?

  6. Ah, some good ol’ fat shamin’! Now I feel heaps better with myself. Thanks!

    • voice of reason July 1, 2016

      Time for a bit tub of ice cream by the sound of it

  7. Mohammod Ali Shaboom Bang Bang November 23, 2014

    Sharia law and a burqa. Then all is well again.

  8. think positive November 23, 2014

    every girl next to “that” will feel loads of self confidence and be happy they aint as daft as “that” :P

  9. Chafed thighs November 23, 2014

    Good thing she’s not wearing corduroy, she’d start a fire.

  10. I was talking to my grandpa the other day and he said that at his time they get laid waaay more often than today’s adults because people weren’t ashamed of their bodies like now.

  11. It’s easy.she had to change.
    because she dropped a big mac on her skirt.

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