Hilarious Matching Outfits From 70s Fashion Ads



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  1. StraightMale February 2, 2017

    These have to be out of a 60’s gay magazine.

    • Unknown origin February 2, 2017

      No, these were some of the fashions in the 1970s. I’m fed up with seeing them. People will laugh at our current fashions in the future.

    • Innocent Child February 3, 2017

      I think I found my Uncle Pedro and Uncle Ferdinand… they ‘went to the store’ and never came back (Uncle Ferdinand wasn’t actually my uncle, we just called him that, but it was really weird because sometimes they would go upstairs alone in the bedroom and we would hear thumps)

  2. Nobody wore this stuff. I wore jeans and tye dyed shirts or maybe some R Crumb shirts.

    • I went to a disco once (ONCE!) in the 70s, and some of this stuff was on display, predominantly the high-waisted slacks and qiana shirts. When you get a herd of hirsute fans of lousy music and one-night stands vigorously displaying their manhood through “dance” whilst clad in a coating of artificial fibres, hoo doggies, the smell.
      I myself was jeans and t-shirt/cotton button-down gal myself. Of the stuff above, I would maybe wear the orange cable knit sweater and the long-johns.

    • I’d wear the jumpsuit. This kind of garment must be great when mending my car. No more cold kidneys when crawling underneath it.

  3. Connie Linguist February 2, 2017

    that’s Tom Seaver in the travel Knit Four Piece advert,back when super-star athletes made about $50,000 a year.

  4. Bubba and Joe Bob February 3, 2017

    Joe Bob here… Bubba said to say all this stuff was “very fey” whatever that means.

  5. I am so wearing the baby crap yellow sweater dress and matching sweater, for my husband, to the next fall family get together. No pants! (Going back to the previous eatliver post for new years…wear less pants). This year I put boobs on the turkey, with lemons, just to have something other than everyone’s children to talk about.

  6. Jew hating peanut farmer February 4, 2017

    CAFE, Carter, Orange and Green, crappy cars, crappy presidents, crappy wars, gay outfits, legalized black baby killing.

  7. I am a 70’s child and I can attest, almost everyone had a jumpsuit or a onesie at one time in their childhood or early twenties…. thankfully…. we got out of the fashion trend….

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