People Accidentally Matching Artworks at Museums


Featured below are photos by French photographer Stefan Draschan where patiently he waits for museum visitors to suddenly match with a piece of art in a funny way.


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  1. “accidentally”… i hate you

  2. Somewhat Confused October 19, 2017

    Uh, did I miss something? I don’t get it. Did these people pose for these drawings?

  3. Captain Not So Sensible October 20, 2017

    PFFT… Should be called People Deliberately Matching Artworks at Museums

  4. He is not French, he is either Swiss, Austrian or German.

  5. Stefan Draschan's evil brother who has a job October 21, 2017

    If he were a graphic artist he wouldn’t have to wait so long.

  6. Your In-law January 16, 2018

    Who cares. This is hysterical.

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