Where Babies Come From


Please explain it to our son, Mary.


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  1. Oh snap!

  2. Look how the artist whitewashed Mary and Jesus. Joseph is much darker as he is not holy. Religious nuts are pathic. And racist. And this American religious depictions are the worst.

    • Having lived in the Northern Mediterranian region, I can say that in the winters the skin tone is on par with the picture. In the summers, the complexion is much darker ofc. b/c suntan.

    • They look like actors from an American high school movie.

    • Almost all religious depictions historically are European not American, obviously, but your bias is understandable.

    • I doubt this picture is “historical european”… He may be right. That’s US style.

  3. Mary was a hoe and we all love her because of that.

  4. I think you misspelled European

  5. Not wise to offend The Big Guy. August 28, 2020

    Remind me not to stand next to you “meme guy” in a thunderstorm, or cross the street in your proximity. That’s kinda like wearing a Klan robe at a BLM riot.

    • I do this basicly daily. No gods, devils, angels or demons around. Because they don’t exist. “God is a rapist” doesn’t offend any deity. The bible just glorifies rape and other forms of violence. Read it. Most people who really read it lost their faith. That’s why many are afraid to read it and only learn the convenient parts that others chose for them.

  6. There were tons of babies born after Trump won the 2016 election, Despite it being 4 years later, they are still acting like two-year-olds today! When he wins again, they will realize that they have discovered the fountain of youth! It will be four more years of temper tantrums and playing with Play-doh!

    • Typical dictatorship spell.

    • Oh really? Look who’s acting like an infant… Waaa we lost and I am mad for 4 years and will be mad again for 4 more when we lose again… waaaaaa!

    • They didn’t lose. People did vote for the woman by the numbers. But as the US election system is a joke itself a joke of a president now sits in the white house.

  7. Oooo what’s going on in Malmo… looks good…

    • Rightards provocing religious nuts. Both should be drown in the ocean.

  8. Rightards… God the Left is hypocritical.

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