“Married To The Sea” Cartoons (The Best Of)


Featured below is a selection of best cartoons from Married To The Sea – a site that publishes vintage illustrations paired with new captions, creating the perfect mixture of funny, clever, and sad.


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  1. Exercise so you can last longer in bed. Invest in gold, it’s value rises with inflation. Cricket is one of those awfully boring sports the English nobility loved so they can play a sport and not get dirty while also being a total ****head (also see croquet, tennis, badminton). Forgot to mention the proffuse sharing of cat pictures over the Internet. Also if the bank loses the ball, you have to pay the bank to replace it.

    • Everyone loves a pedant. I bet you’re great fun at parties.

    • JimJungleSir July 10, 2016

      Actually chubby men last longer. http://huff.to/1vah0SZ

    • A Dose of Reality July 6, 2017

      Wow.. and even trying to claim logic in your user name…
      Exercise does not make you last longer in bed, it just increases your general stamina. If you don’t have the ability to control your reactions to the pleasure of a sex act, no matter how fit you are, you will still not last very long in bed.
      Gold’s value only keeps up (approximately) with inflation. You gain nothing, but I’ll give you that in general you lose nothing, except exchanging it in either direction costs you value, unless you can find someone dumb enough to buy if from you at exactly current market value.
      Cricket is no different from any other sport, it has rules, and forms, and anyone with more than 2 brain cells to rub together can learn it if they actually want to (just like tennis, basketball, football, croquet, and Nascar).
      And if a bank loses your ball, they’ll deny they did, or simply ignore that their job was to even KEEP the ball. What’s more, there’s a pretty good chance that they’ll take your neighbor’s ball, not to give to YOU, but to sell to yet ANOTHER person. Just because. Oh, and paying them will NOT get your ball back, but they WILL claim you never paid them to get it back.

  2. Italiano Medio March 23, 2016

    Since when are there that many people in the USA?

  3. GeorgeWashington quote dates strange also. Author must be a Democrat.

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