Marijuana Equality is a Serious Issue



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  1. Must be in Washington…

  2. Watch out eatliver – look what the gay mafia did to Mozilla.

  3. Just Sayin' April 6, 2014

    Your use of punctuation is horrible.

  4. Dick Cheney Is A War Criminal April 6, 2014

    Republicans want you to pray in schools, discriminate against gay people, tax corporations less and roll back Civil Rights because they want less government. Couple that with their desire to make voting more difficult, pot illegal, abortion illegal and gay marriage illegal and I find it all to be a load of bull####.

    • The 3 visiters April 6, 2014

      Time is running out, and I think Lots 3 Visitors owe Sodom and apology if he tarries too long?

    • Gay marriage?? You got to be kidding me. I want gay polygamy!

    • Gay polygamy April 7, 2014

      Just go to a San Francisco bathhouse.

    • @Gay polygamy
      Did I say gay polygamy? What I meant was that I will marry all of you! For you it will be either like that, or like Brendan E!

  5. Land rights for gay whales….

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