15 Funniest Signs From Women’s March



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  1. **** you Hermione!!

    • Now as she is older many would give this a thought. *lol*

    • PatronusKitty7 January 23, 2017

    • True Potter Fan May 4, 2019

      It’s true. Go Hermione, knowing what the heck Devil’s Snare is and how to escape it! Most older students wouldn’t have known that.

  2. Lazier Than Thou January 22, 2017

    If America can survive Obama, America can survive Trump.
    It’s the next president I’m worried about.

    • The last few president progression trend does not bode well.

    • FakeAmerican January 22, 2017

      Next U.S. president will be inaugurated in Moscow.

    • Translation of Lazier Tan Thou: “I can’t actually think of something negative to say about the Obama administration. But I know I’m supposed to say it was bad.”

    • Lazier Than Thou January 23, 2017

      You want me to say something negative about the Obama administration? Okay, sure.
      Barack Obama endangered the lives of countless Americans with his appeasement of radical Islam. He weakened our armed forces by forcing them to conform to his radical leftist views. His hypocritical fiscal incompetence is overshadowed only by the cowards in the Congress and Senate. He targeted his political opposition using the powers of the IRS and should have been impeached for his tyrannical, evil, dictatorial rule.
      Is that good enough for you or should I go on to include his incompetence regarding Hillary Clinton and her felonious email server, his leaving 4 Americans to die in Benghazi so that his gun running to Syria and Al Qaeda wouldn’t be uncovered, his racially charged Department of Justice with Eric Holder who was held in contempt by Congress, or the mockery he made of the US with his Syrian ‘red line?’ Perhaps I should go on to mention how he insulted our closest ally, Great Brittan over and over again? Maybe I should bang on about how horribly he maligned our only real ally in the Middle East, Israel? Should I mention the apology tour? Helping gun runners on the US/Mexico border that resulted in a US Border Officer being murdered and having guns end up in terrorist attacks in Paris?
      Really, though, I think the only thing left to be said is his inept bungling of health care in America, with his only legislative achievement, Obamacare, being one of the worst pieces of legislation this country has ever seen and how the roll out was botched and horribly managed.
      That’s just off the top of my head, though. I suppose if you want me to do some research, I could find some more stuff to whine about.
      America can survive Trump.

    • As someone from a country with health care based on a real solidarity principle I still can’t see what’s so bad about Obamacare.
      I can only guess Americans are just anti-social assholes who wouldn’t grant their neighbours the butter on their bread. No wonder the country is going down the drain and an orange clown is president.

    • Lazier Than Thou – careful, I think you are getting drool all over your keyboard. If you want to talk about insulting us in Great Britain, try spelling our name right, and then consider some of the absolute bull that Trump has spouted about the influence of Islam here (hint: There are No Islamist no-go areas in any of our cities, for a start) Trump has offended me far more in a year than anything Obama has said in eight.
      But the biggest laugh was in describing Obama as havign radical leftist views. Unless you are spouting crap purely for effect and you know it, you don’t have a clue what leftist politics are. In the majority of the world, Obamas politics would stil eb seen as right wing, and could only be described as left of centre by someone with the “Centre-right” mindset shown here:

    • Not As Dumb As You January 26, 2017

      You make some interesting points.Sadly, none of your points are reality based. Parroting anything that Faux, Breitbarf, or our Great Leader pull out of each others’ butts does nothing for your credibility. The next president will probably be our Great Leader’s boss, Vlad. Vlad will insist! Please avail yourself of some mental health assistance, while health care is still available to the non-fabulously-wealthy.

  3. America is a Joke January 23, 2017

    America made up its mind to be regarded by the rest of the world as stupid ****wits when it elected Trump. Decision noted…..

    • ± 25.38% of Americans of voting age elected Trump.

    • Well, i’d rather be a ****wit somewhere in USA and be able to travel across 50 different states, different people and decide where i want to live, as well as use the 320+ million people to build whatever business i wish and be ok with it (unless i’m self entitled idiot who can’t do jack sh*t, and even then i can find a job IF I WANTED TO and would be willing to work). OR you could be the smart ass European/russian with top notch education, all the culture but snobby as **** and thinking that their opinion matters to USA (*tip – average US citizen doesn’t give a crap about what you think and pretty much he doesn’t have to). Everyone outside the US – deal with your stuff first and stop being so selfrighteous about USA, they can deal with whatever comes at them.
      Oh, and yeah, btw, how does that refugee thing is going on in Europe? isn’t that a joke as well? So much for liberal and democratic values. And don’t tell me that everyone is happy to accept them in their countries and homes – that’s not what is happening right now and you (me included) know it. So, before bragging about how EU is not stupid ****wits, consider the ruling party of most EU countries first and couble check whether we already haven’t elected several Trumps.

    • And NO thanks for starting the wars in the middle east that eventually caused the wars that are happening now and are driving the refugees out of Syria and other countries.
      I think Russian and USA should both take 1/3rd of the refugees. THAT would be fair.
      Anyway, the key point is that in no way anybody of this planet can win a war. You always have some freedom fighters or terrorists left, depending on your own view. You can only solve the bigger conflicts with compromise, die-hard diplomacy. I don’t see solutions in the next four years.
      But then, given that Trump is such a behaviorial liar, chances are even the republican party is so fed up with him that they impeach him before the four years are up.

  4. Might as well repeal the 19th Amendment.

  5. downwithlibtards January 23, 2017

    Poor snowflakes, and sore, sore losers!!

  6. Translation of Lazier Than Thou, Pt II: “I… I got nothin’. So I’ll just repeat the stuff Fox News said I’m supposed to say. Please let this be enough, okay?”
    The obedience is strong in this one.

  7. Let us now, all mock, POTUS Asteriscus V, The Mango Mussolini, Cheeto Benito, The 7th Duke of Cheetoshire, The Orange Twitler

  8. Felix Ryden January 27, 2017

    Bloody hell…Grow up!

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