How Both Genders Oppress Each Other



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  1. The Lone Wonderer August 18, 2017

    Don’t forget the entire extra seat women usually take up for their handbag.

    • This +1. And the carry-on baggage on air planes. Somehow women can bring their Ikea bag -sized handbag with them, along with their maximum sized carry-on baggage, without anyone blinking an eye.

    • And those differ from a guy’s backpack/briefcase/satchel exactly how?

    • Rattus, from my experience it occurs on a way more regular basis that women bring a number of Ikea sized bags onto flights than could be stored above the seats than men bringing several over-sized items. Just recently I sat next to a lady with two relatively big bags stored between her feet in addition to two above the seats and that was on an eleven-hour flight. Amazing. When someone wanted, for instance, go to the bathroom, she had to shift and move her stuff for several minutes before it was even possible to get to the aisle. That doesn’t mean that men are not able to do things like this and I for one condemn this mindless behaviour regardless of gender.

    • To my experience men bring backpacks onto flights that will hit you in the head if you sit on one of the inner seats. Women carry their bags in front of them, so no head injuries.

    • Thoughtless behaviour surely can be found anywhere, regardless of gender.

    • @Rattus: Women don’t categorize their handbags as carry-on luggage. At least in Europe/International flights there is usually a limit of one carry-on luggage on the plane. Many women will have their max-sized carry-on luggage AND their Ikea bag sized handbags with them, womenspreading to claim the internal transport capacity of the plane. Just check it out next time you’re flying.

    • @Dat: your flight standards are probably not in conformity of what I’m used to. There are absolutely no backpacks in-cabin. All such devices go into checked baggage. The max-ranges for in-cabin baggage are between 40-60cm in length and 30-40cm in width. Max weight ~9kg. This is fairly standard to civilized countries.

    • *baggage == luggage

    • @snap, you’ve explained away backpacks, now let’s see you do the same for satchels and briefcases. All the business dudes I know travel with them so I know they’re out there.

  2. Haha! this is actually very funny!

  3. Ooh…*burn* level: HIROSHIMA!

  4. Women – evil or just stupid – what’s your opinion?

    • In my opinion you are an as*head and will be forever alone.

    • My opinion is none of the above; Ignorance and 100% pure laziness (anecdotal).

  5. OR – grow some balls and ask or push away anyone you dislike.
    How come Americans have become so tolerant-weak, like little betas. Ohh :( his leg is too far out, I better sit there quietly and then complain on-line.
    I live in Eastern Europe and there are literally thugs driving next to me on a tram and I don’t piss my pants, when I have to ask someone to move, step away or bugger off.
    So how is that a problem for YOU to ask some average normal dude to move his leg?
    Or the problem is that it doesn’t bother you physically as much as mentally? Isn’t that your problem then?
    For example people with extremely hairy hands bother me. I find it disgusting. Yet I am not asking them to cut it or start petitions online against hairy arms. It is not my right to bother others about things that don’t directly affect me.
    So how come Americans of 21-st century haven’t learned a lesson I, apparently ex-commie, have learned???

    • Because the MRA who does this sort of thing is likely to be the sort of MRA who snaps and kills the person (woman) who requests considerate behaviour.

  6. someonesmarterthanU August 23, 2017

    Sure, those MRA’s are really homicidal when confronted! True story. Happens all the time. Every day. In Rattusland, it’s a freaking epidemic

    • If you were actually smarter than me you would have been able to figure out how to use the “reply” function.

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