Men Doing Pin-Up Poses


Made by Rion Sabean.


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  1. Typical European refugee welcomists.

    • european stranger March 24, 2017

      So, why is that the New York Times on the floor? And a baseball player? Seriously? Fail, Lolforsor.

  2. TO euro strang
    SERIOUSLY?!? Because it’s FARCE and SATIRE
    of all things (not just FEMALE , but also) LEFTIST!!!
    Speaking of FAIL…!!!

    • Stop whining. Smarter Europeans discovered Americans like Kauf Buch are whimps? So what? We always knew you are our lesser descendents sent overseas so we got rid of your kind. We had more wars than you, more plagues, more everything. And we are still here. But you vote a pussygrabber and begin to struggle. We will still be here when you are sitting in the ashes of Trumpland.

    • To EUro: YOU’RE whining, LIBTARDO. What are you even talking about? These pics are taking the wind out of LEFTISTS. I don’t care how sexy the pics make these guys look (especially the last one). They’re still LEFTIST and are acting like FEMALES and so they look RIDICULOUS (especially the first nine).

    • Sexy, eh? You like those guy pics? Explains a lot. Repressed homosexuality often results in aggressive behavior and radical political and religious views. It often fuels hate and disgust to people of the same sexual preferences and other minorities of any kind. And could result in discriminating, violent and cruel behavior.
      You are an ugly caterpillar that wants to become a beautiful butterfly. What you need, my friend, is a coming out. You may move to Europe if you are afraid of discimination in the states.

    • Belittleing someone by calling him in-closet gay? Wow, thats very tolerant of you.
      I mean, not that kaufbuch isn’t a total tool, but why this?

  3. Bubba and Joe Bob March 24, 2017

    Well first off is that Bubba is doing better. Doc says he may be able to git up to go to the bathroom by his self soon.
    I thought I’d see a bunch of men posin’ in these pitchers. Didnt see any. Was this some sorta bait-n-switch?

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