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  1. What kind of goat is that?

  2. Ean Dickey McAlister March 10, 2017

    Because we have lots of Rhubarb?

  3. Oh, right. It’s the fact that everyone has the ability to freely express themselves without fear of ridicule or harassment, and has nothing to do with the perverted view of Islam they have (which the OP seems to have adopted).

    • Lazier Than Thou March 10, 2017

      No one has the freedom to freely express themselves without fear of ridicule or harassment because ridicule and harassment is enshrined by the First Amendment.

    • …because ridicule and harassment BY ILL-NATURED, SMALL-MINDED MORONS is enshrined by the First Amendment.

    • Zelda-The more you post, the more you expose how truly stupid you are. Jesus, why don’t you try and use your brain for once? We all do.

    • Note: the above statements about ridicule and harassment do not apply to republicans.
      Just stirring the pot.

    • @suck it: I’m not the one being taken in by ISIS propaganda, agreeing with ISIS propaganda, & promoting ISIS propaganda. So who’s the stupid here?

    • Well, as previously stated and if you still can’t figure it out, YOU are.
      And sadly… So stupid you don’t even know it.
      Nobody in this thread is adopting the ISIS propaganda over a joke.
      You posts are so demonstrably stupid, you must be an American college student…
      I weep for our future but look forward to the day when people with a brain decide they have had enough with idiotic politically brainwashed snowflakes such as yourself and decide to wipe the Earth clean of your ilk.

    • Zelda is proud of her genital mutilation and burka trash-bag couture.
      NAH. She’s just a self-loathing, mentally-ill Leftist who wishes for the West’s destruction.

    • We already know you’re a Nazi, Kauf. No surprise you like this pro-ISIS shit.

    • “Pro-Isis shit”. You’re a retard, Zelda. Your far-left equal outcomes bullshit is why President Trump is currently making you cry. Thank you for the keks you greasy ****.

    • @Zelda – I’m now conflicted and may have to re-evaluate you… Based on the constant flow if idiocy from your barely functioning brain stem to your fingers, you are either profoundly mentally ill OR you are a brilliant A+ rated troll. Both are bad but at least the latter you can remedy.

  4. German Machine Gun March 10, 2017

    Same could be said for their clothing. In Germany those typical oriental, baggy trousers are called “Köttelfänger” – turd catcher.

  5. If those trousers were tighter, made into capri pants with a lower waist, and had cute bows at the bottom, I would absolutely wear them. This guy could secretly be a fashionista.

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