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  1. ‘Merica. Source of constant laughing stock.

    • Jacques Tati May 4, 2015

      I’ve always said, “Make’em laugh” – my stock-in-trade.

    • Jacques Tati May 4, 2015

      If I say all of this again, will it be funny? Qui ou non

  2. The kinder surprise are illegal because the small toy inside represents a choking hazard to children (that’s the reason anyway). In 30 states in the US it is LEGAL for a child to own a rifle or shotgun. The US has some weird, weird priorities. I used to think it was a good country, but the more I hear, the more it sounds like they are regressing to some sort of fundamentalist religious state like those in the Middle East.

    • Proud Merican May 3, 2015

      Lets see now… How many middle easterners would like to immigrate to the US? How many people anywhere would like to immigrate to the middle east?
      Flawed LogiC easy to expose. BTW, all first world countries have stupid laws to protect their citizens, but how many have enough confidence in their citizens to trust them with weapons?

    • We are surrounded by maniacs. US, RU, IS.

    • LogiC: You may need to examine your sources, then. Religion’s been declining fairly sharply in the US in recent years. That’s why there’s so much conflict between secularists and religion, because the secularists are flexing their muscles and trying to banish religion from the public sphere. There’s always more strife when someone’s trying to change the status quo. The odds that we’re going to turn into a fundamentalist state when we’re moving rapidly in the opposite direction are slim and none.
      As for it being legal for a child to own a rifle or a shotgun, that’s because childhood is the best time to teach gun safety. I didn’t own a rifle until I was 18, but my father taught me how to shoot and the rules of gun safety going on from when I was 12. Why? Because you learn a lot more about respecting and not abusing the power that’s available than you would in a class later on. You might not understand it because it’s not part of your culture, but just consider your point against how seldom rifles and shotguns are used in crimes. If that was a recipe for disaster, where’s the disaster?

    • Anteater May 3, 2015

      And, at least at times, they don’t tend to take criticism very well and overreact to it. By the way, is that a drone firing a missile at you above your head?

    • Italiano Medio May 3, 2015

      All those rifles and carbines are legal in pretty much every Euro nation with the exception of the UK (which is limited to .22 LR semi auto AFAIK).
      Plus, we get the Kinder Surprise (which is Italian BTW, just saying… ) who’s got real freedom now, huh ???

    • Proud Merican: Is not that the government trusts its citizens so much as it can’t safely interact with them. Let alone try to limit their “freedom” to buy war materiel.

  3. Suthin' Merl May 3, 2015

    You guys may laugh, but when Jon Stewart and his Commie army starts takin’ over, all you’ll have is chocolate eggs to defend yourself with.

    • Lazier Than Thou May 3, 2015

      Don’t laugh, chocolate can be devastating to people. Just look what it did to Michael Moore.

    • It’s fun to sneer at paranoid Yanks, they’re frightened of haggis as well, but I am grateful to them for peanut butter, NASA and jazz.

  4. Well, in the US about 10000 people get shot by guns every year. Just recently children shot children and adults with guns. How many children died due to Kinder Surprise Eggs at all in the world? Three!
    The US is a creepy country and I would not feel safer than in a middle Eastern country.

  5. He will take their guns. That will make it easier to get them on the train.

    • The Nazis never changed the weapon laws to disarm the jews. It’s an urban legend. The laws were strict before the Nazis came to power and they just used them as an excuse to search jewish households. The strict laws were established by the Allies after WWI. Much later the laws were changed so jews weren’t allowed weapons. But there weren’t many jews left that could posses weapons at all…

    • I think the yurps are getting ready to start another conflagration.

    • We are already under attack. By the USA (NSA spying us), Russia (covert attack on Ukraine) and the IS (Bombing and shooting nutters).

  6. Murder by firearms in the U.S. 1 in 28000 deaths
    Murder by firearms in Canada 1 in 215000 deaths
    It’s not a freedom or political question. It’s a culture in the U.S. That you feel entitled to kill those who oppose you. And the rest of the civilized society doesn’t. It’s a problem that will correct it self. Eventually the U.S. Must run out of idiots that kill other idiots! (One might be standing as a sort of “winner”)

    • winterhog May 28, 2015

      It is not the problem of culture. It’s the good old, socioeconomics. USA, despite being home of the biggest companies in the world, also sports fairly high level of income inequality what translated to substantial number of poor people. And, let’s be frank here, poverty is a good catalyst of crime. Switzeland, second richest or the richest country in Europe (and pretty rich overall, there are more millionaires than people on welfare there) has pretty lax weapon laws, even for US standard and its crime rate is way lower than European average. Same goes for the civic organization and urbanization – crime rate in small towns and areas inhabited with honest, tightly-knit communities that can efficiently govern themselves is way lower than in larger cities.
      The only thing in US that still boggles me is the resistance to gun registration (more or less equivalent to ‘must issue’ US permits). Here, in Switzerland, people usually laugh at such fears saying, that they do not need to fear the government, because due to democracy, the government is chosen by the people who trusts in it. Registration doe not hinder law-abiding citizens from buying a weapon and really helps in controlling the illicit trade.

  7. A Note To All Rednecks May 5, 2015

    No one is your guns, dumdum. The last thing the NRA wants is a Republican President because then they can’t scare enough rednecks into stockpiling more guns. No one is taking your guns and no one is treading on you. Gun lobbyists have played you all.

    • winterhog May 28, 2015

      How the ‘we need weapons to protect ourselves from government’ works, was best seen during the great uprising after the PATRIOT Act was promulgated. Oh, wait…

  8. we the people. May 18, 2015

    the rest of the world is a joke. Why would anyone want to live anywhere but the u.s. it’s by far the greatest country on Earth.

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