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  1. LOL! There are gonna be a ton of comments for this one!
    Opponents to your corners and at the clang of the bell combat starts!

  2. Republican Logic August 12, 2019

    It is not funny because it is no lie.

  3. U-Boat dropping mike August 12, 2019

    Hit and sunk.

  4. the irony being, with gay marriage, you dont need birth control or abortion 🤔

  5. Why don’t you libs ban hammers too, since the FBI facts say more people were killed by hammers last year than rifles! 3000-6000 people are killed every year by texting and driving so if libs want to save lives, ban phones!

    • The Unbreakable Truth August 12, 2019

      Hammers are tools for putting nails into walls and other technical uses.
      Phones are a communication devices and actually banned in many countries behind the wheel.

      Rifles like an AR-15 are made for killing human beings.
      Your false argument is invalid.

    • Rifles like an AR-15 are made for people to fend off an oppressive government or foreign invaders. You know, the intent of the 2nd Amendment and all?
      Your false argument is ignorant.

    • Conditions have changed very much since the second amendment — a revision is long overdue. Or are you still defending the 18th amendment?

    • The Unbreakable Truth August 12, 2019

      So, rifles are still made to kill people.
      Though you voted for an oppressive government when you voted for Trump. Narcissists and right-winged make good dictators.
      Invading the U.S.? Who would do such a thing? Defend against who? Don’t you have an army for that job? And police to keep your cities safe? Since independence day it always has been the U.S. to invade other countries and annex land (Texas – Mexico). You even planned to attack Canada (War Plan Red).
      I’m not an American. I think your ancient, puritan constitution is rediculously outdated. Get an update. It’s 2019 A.D.
      You have no argument.

    • USA tried to invade Canada in 1812 in order to steal land. Failed miserably. They weren’t as welcomed by the civilian population and natives as they thought.

    • Thumbs up Ida

    • can't understand the responses August 13, 2019

      *lol* the retard in the audience is applauding

    • Texting and driving is already illegal.

    • And furthermore.
      You actually required to keep both hand on the steering wheel while the vehicle is in motion. It is one of the first things you learn when taking your license. If you fail to remember such basic training you ought to go back to driving school and retake the courses.

    • German Machine Gun August 13, 2019

      Good luck driving manual. :-)

    • @The Unbreakable Truth A rifle is a tool, nothing more. As with all tools, everything depends on how it is used. It can be used to put a meal on the table. It can be used for relaxation in the form of target shooting. Or, it can be used to kill people, just like a hammer.

      And for your knowledge, the AR-15 is little more than a fancy looking .22 rifle. There are much better weapons “made for killing human beings” than an AR-15.

    • The Unbreakable Truth August 13, 2019

      The AR-15 is just the tool made for killing that is legal and affordable for most. Once again no argument there. Guns are killing tools, hammers are building tools. You are repeating the same false arguments over and over again. Like parrots.

    • Kind of goes both ways there on the broken record, “Truth”. A tool is a tool is a tool. It’s use makes all the difference.

  6. Yeah I went there August 12, 2019

    How many rapes before they start castrating everyone just in case

    • They should start with you. Not because you have an intention to rape (I hope), but to stop bad genes from spreading.

    • Steralizing rightards and religious nuts would solve many problems in this world.

  7. the laws dont work, quick we need more laws, rinse, repeat.

  8. Birth control isn’t being banned. (non sequitur)
    Gays couldn’t marry if it was banned, so again (non sequitur)
    Abortion is the only one that applies to the gun comparison.

    Libs don’t want that ban because women will find “underground” places to get it, thus admitting a ban just makes it harder, but not impossible to get it if you are willing to break the law.
    Yet, Libs want guns banned without admitting that only those willing to break the law will acquire guns. Fewer guns, but only the ones taken out of the hands of decent people.

    • Yet no abortion in this world will end up with hundreds of dead people like a mass shooting. And no women chooses this way recklessly. An abortion is not a walk in the park. Not even in a well equipped clinic. It a demanding process that leaves many women scarred. Not just physically.
      All this isn’t about saving cell clumbs that aren’t humans yet. It’s all about patriarchaic power over a woman’s body. Non of the fanatics really cares about unborn children. As they don’t care for the living.
      If you fear law breakers pay taxes and get a functioning police force. It works for every else on this world.

    • @Wally, ever heard of Europe? Guns are banned, and most criminals don’t have them either. Murder rates are far lower there.

    • @Wally Tell that to the people of Norway, which has very restrictive gun laws.

    • Due to a right-wing shooter, the homicide rate in Norway peaked at 2.2 per 100,000 in 2011. In the USA it was 4.7 in the same year. You were saying?

    • The point is that their very restrictive gun laws still did not prevent this from happening. That’s what I was saying.

    • Their population is also much more homogeneous than that of the US. Look at any culture that is mostly homogeneous and you will find lower overall homicide rates, whereas cultures that have more of a mix of different peoples will nearly always have higher rates. Not too hard to figure out here, is it.

    • Very restrictive gun laws can not prevent mass-shootings from happening, but it makes them far less likely. And it also makes single victim shootings far less likely.
      Regarding your comment on heterogeneous populations being more violent, just compare the USA with Canada.

  9. Birth control and abortion, aren’t they the same in political squabbling ?
    Abortion is often just a method of birth control for many.

    • That’s a lie. No woman in her right mind would do that. An abortion is painful and psychological challenging or traumatizing. You, bigot that you are, are talking about things you don’t understand.
      Abortion as means of birth control is usualy forced upon women by men.

  10. Tits Mcgee. August 13, 2019

    I’ve never heard a conservative say that birth control or gay marriage should be banned. Abortion, yes, because it’s murder. Over 80% of Americans view 3rd term abortion as a crime. Go check snopes and yell at me that it’s actually 83% lol.

    • Sounds like you never met a true conservative.
      Third term abortion is very late and rare, usually the result of medical complications. At issue are the (way) earlier abortions.

    • And even those are not a fun activity.

  11. Fudge packing and baby killing is ya’ll’s thang not ours. When ya’ll get done with each other we don’t you a pounding at our door.

  12. Fact..The US has become a Swarzenegger Movie…They seem to think that is normal…

  13. Bum Bum the Clown August 14, 2019

    Actually the US is Imploding up its own Anus

  14. Robert Epstein August 14, 2019

    The best thing about abortion is that the losers who commit this ‘legal’ murder, ultimately kill themselves. Your chances of ovarian cancer alone more than triple from a single abortion, because the sudden death of a fetus confuses the hell out of your endocrine system. Unlike the discarded child who’s stabbed through the brain or cut in half with scissors, the cancer patient dies slowly and painfully, fully aware of but also – like the unwanted child – unable to defend itself against its self-caused death. So there IS some karma to the whole process.

    • SillyKiwiMan August 14, 2019

      Nup. You’re full of shit. Of course you’ll believe what you want to, facts don’t matter when a childish belief system is behind what passes for reasoning. If you don’t want an abortion, don’t have one. In the case of everyone else, you can gfy. Keep your stupid superstition out out of women’s bodily autonomy

    • The Man in the High Tree August 14, 2019

      Hahaha. Do they really tell you such fairy tales that in rightard school?
      And abortion in late time of pregnancy are rare and only done if the life of the mother is in danger. So, instead of asking to save an unborn life you ask to have two “people” killed, mother AND child. But who cares if an inferiour being as a woman dies or lives, right? Women are no humans in your perverted, religious shithole world.
      You are nothing more than hypocrits. This isn’t about the life of an unborn child. You couldn’t care less. This is about power over a woman’s body. You just want sex slaves.

    • He killed himself after The Man in the High Tree told him that.

  15. You guys have to stop projecting liberalism on conservatives.
    The only ones wanting things banned are liberals.

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