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The internet never forgets.


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  1. This from someone who even imports his wife? Guess American women were only good for groping and not marrying.

    • Yarra you probably fall into that category. Sounds like envy. Learn to speak five languages and we’ll talk again.

    • There is zero evidence of Melania speaking five languages — her “linguistic abilities” are just one out of a million lies by Trump.

    • She can speak? Is she allowed to?

    • @ Payola Well I’m up to four but can read Latin and some cuneiform if that counts.

    • She might speak more than one. She’s from Europe. Americans only speak one language and are proud of their lack of lingual versability. They are also the only folk that is proud of never to go to another country for the holidays. All they know about other countries and cultures is from fictionous books 100 years old, rediculous college courses and their infotainment news on TV.

  2. That’s why Trump will win 2020 again – cause the left is just dumb. What does it matter that MAGA hats were made in China? How does that contradict Trump’s desire to stop giving China more money and switch to other countries to buy cheap crap from? China is hostile to the US. Other countries are not. Read up on the fentanyl epidemic if you doubt that.

    • Hate to tell you this but most countries are hostile to the US to some degree or other. This got worse when Americans elected a woman molesting man/child.

    • just sayin' August 25, 2019

      The reason Trump won and could again is people who say things like Jack does and have no clue how illogical and stupid they are.

      Fool them once, shame on them.
      Fool them every day of their lives; maybe they are just fools.

    • @Yarra Other countries are not hostile against the U.S. per se. The U.S. were an example for many years. But it is every countries right to defend itself from hostile U.S. policy by a sex fiend.

    • @Jack, you buying a “don’t buy from China” hat from China nicely sums up your brain power.

    • True, William. The world has become too complex for the small minded. And so they begin to hit, kick and spit around wildly in frustration.

    • Trump in Biarritz on how is getting his revenge on China: “We are getting a lot of money in tariffs, it is coming in by the billion.” Do his voters know who is paying these tariffs?

    • Not likely. And they don’t want to. Knowing too much would make things complicated. One could end up thinking, or worse, making reasonable decisions.

    • “But it is every countries right to defend itself from hostile U.S. policy by a sex fiend.”

      What about a sex fiend enabler? Oh wait…Hillary is still not president.

      But wait…don’t liberals idolize Bill Clinton almost as much as Obama? Bubba Cinton is as bad as Trump as far as sexual exploits. Are his former policies as equally suspect?

    • Don’t you understand the difference between consensual (Bill) and non-consensual (Donald)?

    • Here Here! Sadly, this is a leftist site, so any sense is better left at the door. The Leftist IQ is pretty low, and Zero of their limited Brain power is put aside for humour. The most to expect on here is the odd “Jape” or perhaps a nice cartoon now and again. Happy hunting peeps!!

    • @William: Most Trump-voters share his degenerate perception of women. Even the female voters. In their world women are just things. No means Yes anyway. They don’t get the concept of consensual and non-consensual intercourse. That’s why rape rates and teen pregnancies are much higher among Trump voters.

    • Pretty sure Haha molested many women and is proud of it. Even thinks of himself a gentleman.

    • lol, you people are too easy to rile up. Do you open the morning news and look for something to be offended over?

    • trump is horrible, no doubt, but where were you people when bill clinton was doing it? oh thats right, on your knees…

    • @Pot, Don’t you understand the difference between consensual (Bill) and non-consensual (Donald)?

    • @DAT That explains a lot…..

  3. Keep whining you leftie bitches and root for China all you want because USA will win this trade war. You commies got six more years of Trump and theres not a damn thing you can do about it. Still winning.

    • Being against Trump’s idiocracy doesn’t make someone a fan of the Chinese regime.

    • Trump pretends he is winning, but he certainly is not. The tariffs are an ordinary tax on you, currently amounting to about $600 per household per year and soon to rise to $1000. China pays exactly $0. At the same time, Trump is paying tens of billions of dollars (of borrowed money you have to pay back with interest, because the stable genius can not balance a budget in a booming economy) to support the farmers hardest hit by China’s retaliations.

  4. Monty Brewster 2020 🇺🇲🗳️🗽 August 25, 2019

    This is similar to having 20 candidates crisscrossing the country in private jets to preach climate change legislation. All the while paying their campaign workers far less than the minimum wage they’re insisting on. it’s almost like they’re all, politicians that is, liars and hypocrites. people keep insisting i’m wrong though.

  5. I’m sorry for you Americans.
    MAGA fools are taking you down and you (and the “ROW”) will suffer the consequences of accepting this madness to continue.
    Quantity will almost always outweigh quality and the noise of ignorant masses will always drown out the voices of reason. Shouting is easier than reasoning.
    The shadow of Dystopia grows darker…

    • Trump may not be taking us up, but we couldn’t go any lower after Obama got done gutting the power and might of the US.

      If you are looking at shouting, look no further than the Modern Democrats. They are so insecure of their own position that they cannot tolerate someone speaking of a different opinion than their own. They have been the cause of numerous lectures and talks being cancelled or stopped.

    • Sorry? Gutting your power and might? Under Obama the U.S. were a high regarded country.
      Now everyone shrieks away. That’s not fear of power or awe in might. It’s disgust.

    • @BigR “They are so insecure of their own position that they cannot tolerate someone speaking of a different opinion than their own.” That sounds very much like Trump: lying all the time, contradicting himself continuously, and having tantrums when told the truth.
      The US were a respected country until it disqualified itself by elected the “stable genius.”

    • Liberals believe in free speech but only as long as they agree with what is being spoken.

    • At least they don’t want to kill everyone with another opinion.

  6. BFD. What difference does it make? All of us are reading this on cellulars made in China. Liberals whine because they have absolutely nothing to platform a year from November. They know they’re going to loose in 2020.

  7. Mememememmeme August 26, 2019

    Does any of you ever saw one of these caps? The label says “Made in the USA”

  8. Proves his point, doesn’t it

    • Errm, what? Are there no hat makers in any of your 50 states?
      Was he forced to have them produced in China?
      And if so, why did he consent to that?
      What happened to “Buy american” ?
      Point proven indeed ….

    • “Buying American” means “Designed in U.S.A., assembled in China”
      There are no free workers in the U.S.A. Half of the population is already imprisoned by the prison industry.

  9. So many sheep. So much bias. So much hate. No intellectual honesty.

    ALL trump merchandise is made in U.S.A.
    All other, is a trademark violation.

    This lie is old. Guess you aren’t as well informed as you believe. That is why you do a web search to learn the facts before spouting an opinion.

    • A Trump voter moaning on “intellectual honesty”? Trump is dumb as a rock and dishonest to the bone. And those hats made in China do exist.

  10. Lotta bad English on this site.

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