Lord of the Rings in 2017



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  1. EU way of thinking: positive energy will defeat terrorism! Yay!

    • Let me guess, an American trumpet!
      Now internationally recognised for not knowing the truth from a falsehood.

    • Kauf Buch May 27, 2017

      “Irony” is the Euro way of saying “I’m bending over to show you my support!”

    • Not worse than positive-thinking American way: creating terrorism!

  2. I too will pray for Gondor, and all middle earth during this time of suffering.

  3. Sadly Average Male May 27, 2017

    It’s an election year screw Gondor!

  4. Kauf Buch May 27, 2017

    “Light a candle! I’m *sure*, if they see it, they won’t attack us an 12,734th time!”
    Euro Dhimmis = because centuries ago it also took hundreds of years
    of muzzie invasions to think of defending themselves with The Crusades.

  5. The Good German May 27, 2017

    EVERYONE KNOWS hashtags are the only TRUE WAY to peace!

    • The Good German May 27, 2017

      Nice try, Kauf Buch. But my caps lock key is blocked and can’t be pushed.

  6. european stranger May 27, 2017

    US right winged religious nutters reaction to everything that doesn’t affect US soil. Hypocrites.

    • Charles Martel May 27, 2017

      terrorist sympathizer

    • european stranger May 28, 2017

      @Charles Martel Excuse me? I don’t sympathize with terrorists created by US policy. You creates cluster****s all over the planet and the rest of the world should pay the bill. US is still in debt with the United Nations. Pay your bills.

    • Charles Martel May 28, 2017

      @euro stranger There are 125,000 US military buried on European soil. How many European soldiers are buried in the US? Now ingrates like you want to blame your muslim problem on us. The Crusades were hundreds of years before the US was a country. Now bugger off.

    • Kauf Buch May 28, 2017

      Can’t *wait* to see YOUR head at the top of a muslim spike, beta-boy-in-a-burka.

    • Kauf Buch May 28, 2017

      Oh yeah. Forgot to point out:
      muslims have existed and hated and destroyed since the 6th Century A.D..
      The United States of America? “Discovered” 1492, incorporated 1776.
      But YOU blame America.
      What a loser you are.

    • european stranger May 28, 2017

      @Charles Martel What the heck are you talking about. I talk about today, not 70 years ago. Take your meds and turn off the computer.

    • Charles Martel May 29, 2017

      @euro stranger – open a history book and read about who Charles “The Hammer” Martel was.

    • european stranger May 29, 2017

      The not-really-saviour of the occident. Another propaganda lie, a fake fact. So what? Maybe you should get a new book.

  7. european stranger May 28, 2017

    Kauf Buch, you moron. But since 1776 USA have provided them with better means to destroy in exchange for oil. You fail again.

    • Story of Kauf Buch’s life: Failure.
      It will be the title to his biography no one will read.

    • Charles Martel May 29, 2017

      @euro stranger – I shouldn’t have called you a terrorist sympathizer. You ARE a terrorist. Your 72 virgins will be goats that look like Frau Merkel.

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