Planning To Have Kids? Look At This First.



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  1. vidalia poopnoodle October 12, 2016

    be happy you still have kids:

    • Better yet: be happy you don’t live in Arkansas…the land of Bill Clinton. The most shocking part of that webpage is that the kid isn’t Clinton’s.

  2. Looks more like a lack of parental guidance and supervision…

    • You can’t watch them every second. They can be totally well behaved, sitting playing quietly, you take a moment to go to the bathroom, and you come out and your house is trashed. I went through it many times.

    • jimmy rustled October 17, 2016

      you are correct, we never had this problem at all…some of these acts took a long time for the kids to accomplish

  3. These pictures brought to you by the National Condom Marketing Association.

  4. DatsDaTruth October 13, 2016

    That sums it up nicely.
    And then they turn into horrible teenagers

  5. Don’t have, never will have, thank God!

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