People Are Photoshopping Tiny Trumps to Annoy The President Bigly



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  1. Regressive left is seeing nazis everywhere, punching people and making fun of genetic disorders and physical properties (midgets, hair loss, skeletal disorders). Slow clap.

    • Oh snap, it’s all the poor, embittered, little retards have left.
      Let’s be *generous* and let them enjoy
      a few crumbs of their pathetically crippled “humor”…!

    • I see
      and I hear
      and I speak no evil;
      I carry
      no malice
      within my breast;
      yet quite without
      a man to the Devil
      one may be
      to hope for the best.

    • Kauf Buch, you are correct. When all arguments have been depleted, and loss is a fact, humour is the way humans cope with it on a personal and communal level. And it is what I believe we’re witnessing.
      Can’t help to feel sorry for the people who have any of the physical properties the regressive leftists are ridiculing. Basic rule of debate; Attack the idea, never the person.

    • Oh snap, it looks like you and I are the only real men among these libtard woman crybaby snowflakes with their “social justice” and “equality” and “humanity”. We should put them all in chains, for their own good. Then you and I go get wasted. Whaddya say?

    • CatMan > Grukman February 19, 2017

      T. T. T.
      Put up in a place
      where it’s easy to see
      the cryptic admonishment
      T. T. T.
      When you feel how depressingly
      slowly you climb,
      it’s well to remember that
      Things Take Time!

  2. Okay, the idea that there are a sufficient number of half-wits alive and voting in the same country to elect the likes of Trump is horrifying and completely validates my decision to never have children.

    • Don’t blame your inability to find a wife on Trump!

    • Rattus;
      In a democracy, all you need is over 50% of the people to share an idea in order for it to be implemented. It’s not a perfect system, as you can win through populism, which is not always the smartest choice. But democracy is still the fairest system thus far in human history.
      The animal behaviour we’ve all witnessed from Trump’s opposition, especially after he got elected, and the fact that you will not procreate, gives me hope that my kids and grand-kids have a future in which they will make humankind into an interplanetary species.

    • Snap, the fact that you and your ilk insist upon spawning and continuing in your chosen modus operandum is why I hold out no hope for the future of the planet and choose not to inflict its inevitable decline upon anyone I love.

    • Rattus, I’m no conservative, and I do oppose many of the ideas brought forward by Trump. What I despise is how the opposition, especially “objective” journalists, is handling the loss through an attack strategy against a person. There’s no justification for that. There are no strategies in which you will come out as victors. I perceive general opponents of Trump like a bunch of kids having temper tantrums, who have nothing to add to the debate(s). They have no arguments, and just shitpost. And my trust for “journalist” titles is long gone. I would like to “thank you” for regressing the progress of our planet by a century.

    • And sorry if I assumed your stance of me being a conservative through your “you and your ilk(sic)” comment. It’s one of the problems that personal attacks cause. As I said before; Attack the idea, never the person. Attacking a person is a non-strategy.

    • Connie Linguist February 21, 2017

      hey oh snap, the U.S. is not a democracy,it’s a constitutional republic. if it were a democracy,Clinton would be president with over 3,250,000 more votes.

  3. Tiny Trump is still the leader of a Big Nation.

    • The Good German February 19, 2017

      But not a great one. He keeps telling us it must be made great again, so…

  4. The Good German February 19, 2017

    I had to laugh out loud.

  5. There was an actual reason to call Hillary ‘Cankles’. It took two grown men to wedge her in that very large van she had.

  6. The Bad Albanian February 25, 2017

    Well, yes, I am see now and understand his woters – he is cute.

  7. I think he only uses 0.2% of his brain to come up wth ideas, and use 1.17% of his brain to say whatever he want..

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