People Are Photoshopping Trump As a Toddler Just to Piss Him Off



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  1. No photoshop required

    • Travis Patten May 17, 2017

      Agreed he IS a 300 pound toddler

    • Hillary spent 1.7 billion dollars and lost the election to Trump. Who’s the stupid one?

    • @No Progs rgd. stupidity:
      The folks who voted for Trump. They got a political retard into oval office, who will damage the US economy in the long run whil in office that they will be unemployed and soon with no healthcare.

    • downwithlibtards May 18, 2017

      Poor, poor, poor, poor, snowflakes, cry-babies, just cannot face defeat!!
      Libtards will do anything possible to cure their hurt!!

    • Don’t forget to send your dollar to Maxine Waters.

    • piss him off??? just to comfort little bit their sore butts…

  2. Kauf Buch May 17, 2017

    That the stupid, feral, rabid Left is reduced to this…
    TRUMP 2020!

    • Hell Toupee May 17, 2017

      you, my friend, sound like an outraged snowflake…

    • downwithlibtards May 18, 2017

      Ya nailed it Kauf!!
      These crybabies will do ANYTHING to sooth their butt hurt after the November spanking they received!!

    • In 2020 Trump will be in prison for espionage and treason. You may join him, Kauf Buch.
      Don’t let go the soap.

  3. Lazier Than Thou May 17, 2017

    He’s kind of adorable like that. It also explains his twitter page…

  4. It would be much funnier, if this child didn’t have access to nuclear weapons. He makes Kim Jong Un look like a grown-up.

  5. Even the most hard-core conservatives in Europe slowly but surely begin to realize that this guy is not exactly a very good choice. Interesting to see that his fan boys and girls on here are still behind him. What will it take for them to realize that this guy is a disaster not waiting to happen, but already happening?

    • Conservativism is rooted in fear and anger, and the inability to discern anything outside of their black and white view of society, politics, science, et al. Fear and anger cause people to dig in their heels. If they do realize what a colossal mistake it was to elect him, they will not admit it because raging cowards do not possess any strength of character.

    • Rattus: It never ceases to amaze me how narrow-minded and bigoted those on the left have become, which is made amusing by the fact that they consider themselves open-minded and progressive. As unbelievable as it may seem to you, there are valid thoughts and opinions that do no mesh with yours.

    • I have long since ceased to be amazed by the vitriol and blind ignorance of the right and could not be happier that their thoughts and opinions do not mesh with mine. Oh dear fecking christ, the very idea that I would have anything in common with someone who thought that Trump* was an acceptable choice…for anything, really,…is enough to make me come over with the vapors.
      *Or Cruz, Sessions, Perry, Santorum…

    • Vitriol…such irony.

    • To be appalled by Trump, his ilk, and their supporters is not vitriolic. It is sanity, intelligence, and good taste.

    • Lazier Than Thou May 19, 2017

      There is no one more afraid than the socialist. They’re afraid to live by the sweat of their own brow, to live by what they can make, instead of forcing other people to take care of them. To them, the world is a terrifying and dangerous place that must be made comfortable to them, so we shave off the edges by forcing people to pay for their healthcare, food, and shelter.
      To the conservative, the world is a dangerous place, but none more dangerous than a government with absolute control. Ask yourself how comfortable you are with Trump in the White House. Now imagine he had even a sliver of an idea of what to do with his magnificent power. That is a thing to be feared and it is not an unreasonable one.
      Everyone lives with fear and everyone’s politics are shaped by their experiences. Let’s not pretend that only one side of the aisle is afraid.

    • sanity, intelligence, and good taste? lol, that’s the funniest thing you’ve posted yet.

  6. How juvenile…

  7. karf swift May 18, 2017

    stupid photo locker,and waoo

  8. The Good German May 19, 2017

    What do you whink is happening right now in the White House? Not much different from this.

  9. Art Linkletter May 26, 2017

    Have your little fun liberal *****. For the last eight years, conservatives largely avoided this treatment to avoid the magical RACIST title from the Obama zombies. Trump doesn’t have the benefit of that phony shield.

  10. June 21, 2017

    Does he practice his facial expressions in front of a mirror, or is he just naturally talented?

  11. Matthew J. Nichols July 22, 2017

    Trump—Our President

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