This Goes Out To All Cat Owners




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  1. Hey boy Euro Peen On My Lawn November 4, 2017

    The cat is dark furred. The kid is white. “Tee Hee” means ‘I am your father Luke’ in some obscure African dialect. Licking arse is obviously a homophobic slur of preference against grey skinned people.

    This is obviously a Racist homophobic Stormfront meme. I am outraged.

    • I agree :( This site has gone full-blown racist :(

    • I know you made a joke on SJW’s, but you can’t even imagine what ****ed up sh*t these people actually supports. How about supporting pedophilia by carrying a banner saying “NO PEDO BASHING”? Yep, it’s a thing on the far left now:

    • I guess it would be ok if it was a white dog and a black girl, right?

    • You no like food, why you come here? Stupid roundeye. Here kitty kitty, we run low on sesame chicken.

    • McDaddy – you are aware that the guy is basically saying “well, it wasn’t antifas poster but they are so screwed up they probably do support pedophilia anyway”? No, you’re probably not, that would be too complicated for someone like you.

  2. Dog ass kisher January 30, 2018

    lol cat never kissing u if u know.

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