If Being Liberal Makes You a Libtard…



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  1. That’s exactly right.

  2. Actually it does. It has been proven.

  3. Eatliver is stating the obvious.

  4. Although it is not true that all conservatives are stupid people, it is true that most stupid people are conservative. – John Stuart Mill

  5. Ivan not so terrible February 11, 2018

    Vhat so different tween libtard and retard, ven really dey same thing – useful idiot. Dumdums standing opposite side of same fence complain about stoopid while leaders get away wid murder. Bah. Argue is OK, saying bad tings about your mothers not right.

    • Man knocks on door. Say “Have you potato?” But we no have potato. Only scar from war. Man leaves. Tomorrow I hope he not come back. Then we no talk about potato.

    • Joker wanna be February 12, 2018

      Yes we have no potatoes, we have no potatoes today.

  6. I may be wrong, but if the libtard word rule is to be applied, then reptard?
    Because libtard and retard points to the same group of people.

    • *sigh* It’s the first syllable. The trick is to replace the first syllable of the word retard with the first syllable from the words liberal and republican. This is what happens when conservatives pull funding from education – an inability to understand the simplest of concepts. Or, and OMG if this is the case, do you not know what a syllable is?

    • Too late, Hein. You should have come up with your own version before that. Fail, Hein, fail. Again. So sad. But your fails are greatest. Because they are the best fails. Period.

    • Sorry @Rattus, English is not my first language. Indeed my parents had no money to enroll me in fancy English courses and I had to learn by myself. You may make fun of my situation, but it may put you in an ironic situation.

      @Dat should I say who vote for Democrats are demented?

    • @Hein, sorry that I offended you. But don’t go all snowflaky on me now.

    • Well, Hein, syllables are not too much different in other Germanic languages. And your user-name suggest that you come from a country using such a language.

    • Lol, it’s funny Hein is misunderstood as a German name here :)
      It means “what?” in my language. I’ve got the same “liberal” word too, and the syllables are li-be-ral, hence my confusion.

  7. static shock February 11, 2018

    Lol every second image is a political one

    • Those are the ones that get the most comments, so the most visits. It makes sense from a business standpoint.

    • And they alternate liberal and conservative political posts, so no group feels marginalized hehe.

    • eatliver was bought by some anal hipster.

  8. If we use the same convention for naming we would get reptard not retard. So no. It it wouldn’t make you retard, just reptard.

    • Yet another person who doesn’t understand what a syllable is.

    • @Rattus English/German way of syllables make no sense. The good old Latin/Greek way makes much more sense.

  9. Well, yes. But it also makes you redundant.

  10. wow, you guys are dumb. It’s not Republicans and liberals. It would actually be Contard, for conservative. You guys are so dumb

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