Brilliant Liberal Logic



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  1. Who’s gonna be the first lib to cry here?

    • I bet that’s gonna be Dat.

    • Cry for who? the retards who might think the above is a valid argument?

    • @For real True, rightard false relativization. I’ve not heard of someone who stormed into a class roomand killed students by abortions.

    • Eatliver just removed my post with a link showing a baby literally in pieces after an abortion. Maybe that’s why @Dat never saw a victim died from abortion.

    • Hey, Dat: abortion has killed exponentially more children than school shootings. Moron.

    • First: A fetus is no child. Second: Those photos, I know them, show emergency abortions which means the life of the mother was in danger. It’s just christian fanatic propaganda. There are limits to legal abortions that make actually sense.
      Pro lifers proclaim to protect life and children but have no problem killing a grown-up doctor who actually saves lifes and is worth more to the society than a clump of cells. Hypocrites. It’s just about control and power over other people. And some idiots who repeat every sermon they are indoctrinated with by religious and political fanatics.
      School shootings are just the tip of the iceberg. You Americans have one of the highest killing rates on this planet. Plus the highest teenager pregnancy rate because the kids learn nothing about basic biology in school except what the holy fairy bible tells. You are worse than most third world countries.

    • The vioce of the 21st century. You can’t stop the future. Religions will fail.

  2. Funnyhowthathappens September 3, 2018

    Oddly enough the GOP has managed to nearly outlaw abortions while making it legal for mentally ill people with a history of violence to buy firearms.

    • Congratulations, you’re the winner. Or should I say, whinner?

    • With some luck such a mentally ill weapons owner will kill Haha’s family. I bet he’ll praise that gun owner’s freedom and blame his family for not carrying weapons when they were slaughtered. They had it coming.

    • Haha. That made my day.

  3. Back when abortions were outlawed, they happened illegally. Women died, because no one knew a safe way to do the procedure. But that’s okay with the antichoice crowd, because banning abortion isn’t actually about saving lives. It’s about punishing women who have sex out of wedlock. It’s been proven that abortions are gonna happen no matter what.

    Countries that ban guns have lower levels of gun crime. Look at Japan: handguns are banned, hunting weapons only allowed if you’re an actual licensed hunter. And they have the second lowest gun death rate in the world.

    Now, you probably wanna come at me with Switzerland, which is the only country with a lower rate. Fine, let’s wreck your argument. Switzerland doesn’t have a standing army, it has a people’s militia. All men are part of this militia until the age of 30. When they leave, their weapon is converted to semi-auto and it must be kept at home (unless you get a special permit). Ammo CANNOT be kept at home, it is kept at the shooting range (which is the only place you can use it) or in a military barracks (police and rapid response units excepted).

    Both liberal arguments: PROVEN. Go to bed mad about it.

    • Hi rattus

    • You do realize that it is a battle with windmill, trying to explain something to today’s people? Even when data shows that no matter how silly the above picture statement is, it does work.

    • It’s not just punishing women. It’s about controlling women. There are men out there afraid of women making their own decisions as equal grown-ups. Because that could mean those manchildren won’t get their damn will. “Here. Now. *insert mysogynistic tantrum* ”
      They might have to sleep on the couch if they missbehave. And won’t get their BJ.
      Some members of our gender are pathetic.

    • Japan is a very bad example. Theirs is a very homogeneous society, very nationalistic, with very strict societal rules. (You think it’s difficult migrating to the US? Try to migrate to Japan. They do NOT want foreigners as citizens.) Much the same could be said, until fairly recently, about most European countries as well. When you have a society of mostly same-minded people, you have relatively little friction between the various members of that society, thus relatively little violence of any kind.

    • The Japanese even have different brain structures than other humans on earth. Nippon is always an unfiting example. Nippon is too strange.

    • Japan has one of the highest suicide rates in the world..

    • JFC, I haven’t been on this site for months, had forgotten it existed, saw one of its posts on another site, came to see what was happening, and see my name being referenced. I literally have not been here for months. How long will it take for you half-wits to forget my existence?

  4. I’m pretty sure USA is more violent than Japan because good citizens can have guns. That’s the perfect explanation. I’ve never though about it until now. Thanks Mr. Lefty, you enlightened my life. By preventing good citizens to have guns, I’m sure the criminals will finally study, work hard and leave criminal life for good. I mean, they wouldn’t dare buying illegal guns do they? Drug lords from Mexico wouldn’t smuggle weapons too, would they? Nah. They’re bad but they’d respect a gun free country.

    FWIW this post doesn’t say outlawing abortions would prevent it from happening. The first part is correct and everybody agrees with that.

    • That was for Mr. @Anonymous

    • Your “good citizens” and their guns have not stopped criminals. In fact, the USA has the highest incarceration rate world-wide.

    • No one said good citizens with guns prevent violence (nor cause violence). They simply increase the chances of the bad guys being the ones suffering the consequence of the violence. If there are more people willing to join the crime, nothing better than having more bad people in jail (or in the cemetery).

    • And they also simply increase the chances of the good guys suffering the consequences of violence.

    • BTW The U.S. have the highest prison rate in the world. More than any dictatorships. It’s a business in the U.S. The more weapons, the more inmates, the more profit. It’s never about public safety.

  5. If you outlaw guns, a lot less people die – some people might think that’s a good thing.

  6. And likewise, GOP logic is “outlawing guns is of no use, criminals will always be able to get guns”

    and on the same token

    “outlawing abortion will end abortion”

    It just illustrates that political parties are self-serving and for folks who cannot think for themselves and have to be informed….

  7. Informal fallacy as a straw man.

  8. Abortion will always be legal in America. A woman knows when she is carrying a future criminal.

  9. Sad to say but that is fairly par for shabby conservative thinking
    No one I know of who is left of center wants to outlaw guns or believes guns can be gathered and locked up. WE WANT sane gun laws at the state and National level

    • Trump for Presi... Prison September 7, 2018

      Stop disturbing rightist propaganda with actual facts!

  10. Abortions are already regulated. Now how about regulating guns.

    • Guns are overregulated. Look how few incidents happen with guns compared to the number of gun owners.

    • Overregulated at ~500 accidental deaths per year? Any drug with a similar “performance” will be banned by the FDA.

    • @Haha: 38,658 avoidable deaths in 2016, and many more avoidable injuries. You must be proud.

  11. Libs, yeah. Just call ’em what they are: “Assault Democrats”.

    • Right, they attacked you with words. Shoot them down with your gun.

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