He’ll Have To Decide


Both at the same time is simply impossible.


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  1. Nice and classy. I guess if you can’t think of anything intelligent to say, insults are the way to go.

  2. I know liberals that are more of a man than most conservative idiots.

  3. I’m betting there will end up being over 20 comments for this.

  4. But remember son, if you DO end up becoming a woman, Republicans will be convinced you are a sexual predator, so they’ll want you to use the men’s room even though you won’t have man parts anymore. Maybe someday, we’re all going to have to carry paperwork around to use public bathrooms. #JudgeThyNeighbor Is this what small government looks like? #GOPlogic

  5. Mom also thinks the Universe was created in 6 days 6,000 years ago, the Earth is flat, the moon landing was fake, 9.11 was an inside job, school children should have guns to protect themselves, being gay is a sickness, Trump is a good president, bleach is healthy and women are inferior to men. – So, shut up, mom! You have no word in this, unworthy c..t!

  6. Not-a-Liberal September 30, 2019

    Hahahaha. All these comments from the Liberal snowflakes who are ‘offended’ by a joke. Run along now guys to the bathroom to see if you’ve grown any pubic hair yet.

  7. Small Human. Will you be reidentifing yourself or are you prepared to be known as a rapist and Nazi. You are 7 years old now and you still can’t understand how you’ve been oppressing a 20 year old college student for over 400 years.

    • Like you don’t understand how you are opressing intelligent peoples’ brains for eternity.

    • A 7 year old oppressing a 20 year old for 400 years?

      That’s a good trick. The 7 yr old doesn’t even understand how he pulled it off either.

  8. Mom has hairy arms

  9. I’m just here so dude reaches the 20 comment bet

  10. Some jimmies have been rustled.

  11. Smash The Party October 1, 2019

    Defund the central government.

  12. What an outstanding mother. She’s a keeper.

  13. Sumeyye Karamuhammedoglu December 7, 2019


  14. This looks like the perfect place for some good, ol’ fashioned virtue signalling!

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