Typical Liberal Logic


Everything I don't like must be banned! Everything I like is a human right and must be paid for by others!


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  1. As an outsider I can say this isn’t what we heard. Must be fake news from the right wing. And it doesn’t make sense. And your left aren’t socialists. They are far right conservatives elsewhere. Your right are like mullahs. Only with a cross. No one understands Americans.

    • Small government Bob March 10, 2020

      Defund the state.
      How that becomes a Mohammedan religious leader totalitarian action of fascism requires a special sort thought process.

    • Good idea that small government. There are soooooo many examples of successful countries that follow that example. Why don’t you name us some?

      Trumps budget is still calling for cuts to the CDC. ( center for disease control ) What a waste of money eh? Even the pentagon has been asking for more spending there for years.
      I love that they spend so little on education too. It makes it easy for us to complain about how stupid the youngsters are. #HeckOfAJobGOP

    • That’s how christian mullahs run their state. No need for CDC. You can easily pray the virus to death. If YOU die you either didn’t pray good enough or the loving God hates you.

    • “People” on the GS schedule need to deliver pizza as a new carrier path. A76 all deep staters.

      Love, Imam nazi Tedd

  2. Nothing to do with politics. People these days seem to think everything has to be organised to suit them. We have lost all sense of community or working towards an environment where everyone is treated with equally and with respect.

    Oh and Trump is an ahole.

  3. Defund the State Bob March 10, 2020

    I believe it goes;
    Everything not banned should be mandatory,
    Everything that is not mandatory should be banned.

  4. JFK's Ghost March 11, 2020

    This is communist/socialist logic. The last Liberal in America said ‘Ask not what your country can do for you.

    • So it’s fake. There are no socialists in America. You call them that but you have no idea what it is.

  5. eatliver tards can’t even make jokes on expense of either side.
    Republican jokes are cringeworthy bad.

    Liberal jokes don’t make sense. Liberals (contrary to their name) want more government rule. That’s simply dumb philosophy and nothing more, as they have not experienced how butt-ugly stupid the state is, how much money it wastes because of bureaucracy.
    The memes about liberals should be about their REEEEE moments, when they can’t get their way and blindly rage, crying for democracy and not realizing they are minority as their ideas are not reasonable.

  6. Sour Grapes March 11, 2020

    Comment from Reee is too complicated and requires way too much thought. I’m going off to YouTube and watch some “GIFs with Sound.” I can lock onto that.

  7. Are you sure this isn't tea party logic? March 11, 2020

    “We want small government…..”

    Now get on it and ban same sex marriage and abortion, build a gigantic wall thousands of miles long….

    Now I’m sure you’re wondering about all the free stuff they are asking for? None of us get to see that, it’s just for the super rich and big corporations. Cut down those food stamp programs, it’s better that the NFL and amazon pay zero taxes.

  8. Lot of white faces in that crowd…

  9. There are those of us who count ourselves as liberals, believe in a high level of service by the state, and think that we need to tax both the rich and the middle class in order to keep our budgets balanced. Given, we tend not to be Bernie fans, because Bernie hasn’t quite explained how he’s going to pay for all of what he says he can do.

  10. Conservatives have the same logic. Fairly soon, they’re gonna demand that the inability to afford a gun infringes on their “right” to own one (boy, is THAT Amendment misinterpreted!). So they’ll demand that the government give them a free gun. Welfare guns. At that point, America is OVER.

  11. Curious that Conservatives accuse the Left of the very things they are guilty of. The Right is the worst for trying to have everything they don’t like banned. The worst.

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