Liberal College Girl (The Best Of)



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  1. Votes for Obama because the other guy is white.
    Accuse others of racism.

  2. This is so spot on. Liberals hate themselves. Wait till the new crop of Hispanic voters take a liberal majority and start forcing their Catholic views on the DNC. Including a ban on abortion.

    • 2 Days 'Til Odd Squad November 25, 2014

      Two comments:
      1.The Hispanic view on abortion (basically the Cubanos and Mexicans) is why the Democrats do not get 95% of the Hispanic vote already and
      2.Liberals hate themselves and Conservatives SHOULD hate themselves. Only they can want a woman to carry her unwanted baby to term and then refuse to help pay for it. So Christian of them!

    • Karen Evensen November 25, 2014

      Your certainly not reflecting your last brain cells posting hypocritical generalizations.
      Do something positive, use a fact or three. Name calling and profiling are the same strategies
      Goebbels used to incite NAZIONAL propoganda. A true American honors all opinions but has their own. Are you a Nazi profiler?

  3. Voting does not have anything to do with protesting. But the “acid from strangers” was gold.

    • In Australia it is mandatory to vote. There is a fine if you don’t, though they are very lenient if you make an effort to attempt to vote. The idea being every person has a say. What kind of democracy is it if voting is optional?
      Anyway some of these images are a bit forced, only one I disagree with is the marijuana/guns one. Australia used to have relaxed gun laws, then most guns were outlawed, now most people don’t have powerful guns, and there have been zero mass shootings since the law went into effect. The law stopped people owning guns, the only people that get illegal guns are outlaws, and they only shoot each other.
      Also name me one case where someone was directly killed by marijuana use, or hell 5 cases of indirect death from marujuana use. The shit’s safer than coffee, people have died from caffeine.

    • Voting is the best form of protesting, if you don’t like something vote for a change.

    • Voting is THE ULTIMATE form of protest

    • Yea it does

  4. Wow, I wish I had thought of these.
    Great work Mr. E. Liver

  5. Trust fund baby (think Chelsea), hates money, wants “economic justice”.

  6. That looks like an androgynous Fred Grandy.

  7. This is so true. Also, Liberal College Girl hates animal cruelty yet doesn’t question how many trees were butchered to make the door for her dormroom.

    • I like the placement of your body parts, such as where your head is at.

  8. one must be really stupid to agree with this shit

    • You can do that with everyone and everything. Liberals, Conservatives, Greens, Nazis, Communists, dogs, kittens etc… It’s just bigoted hypocrisy.

    • Speaking truth to power November 27, 2014

      Only a liberal could hold two such disparate views in their head at the same time.

    • @Speaking truth to power December 13, 2014

      “Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.”
      ― George Orwell, 1984

  9. How do you even know it’s a girl?

  10. Reason,
    explain why this is “bigoted”?

  11. There’s nothing like a real good funny on dichotomy.

  12. Think Please November 27, 2014

    LogiC you’re trolling right.
    I’m ashamed that you are a fellow Australian please think before you post.
    There have been a multiple of car accidents when the person driving has been stoned, killing themselves and or others. Why do you think they do random Breath and Drug tests on drivers in the Eastern States. Also the amount of money that is spend on Mental Health because of people who now have mental health problems due to drugs especially marijuana is staggering.
    So yes, there are few deaths due to marijuana, not none, but the Mental Health problems are massive.

    • Not to mention all the suicides caused by depression from marijuana.

    • YES “Think (??) Please. lawl, they only do Random Breath and drug testing in the “Eastern States”… YOU THINK… Idiot…

    • Think Please December 1, 2014

      Look another troll?
      Bubz they don’t do Random Drug tests in the West because drink driving is a bigger problem and we don’t have a big enough police force or budget to also go for the drugged driver. It is still against the law to drive on drugs in the west. Your argument makes no sense and just because you use capitals and call me an idiot does not make you right. Next time try to attack the argument, with well thought out reasoning, not the person.

    • Drug testing of drivers is done in the West – just needs a reason rather than randomly. Maybe that’s the issue Think Please.
      BIG BIG probs with stoners & later onset of mental problems + lots of aggro from Perth drivers I think due to high speed/meth use here… other than that, all’s rosy!

  13. Claim that Israel is a tyranny..
    While ISIS / ISIL is misunderstood

  14. Another Conservative December 5, 2014

    Two Days,
    Your comment about conservatives wanting to force a woman to carry an unwanted baby to term and then refuse to pay for it–is well, so ridiculous, but it is the liberal mantra about the matter. First, we want the woman to know she has options besides killing her child. We fund and volunteer in centers where we help mothers and fathers to learn parenting skills, get an education, tutoring, assist with getting housing, provide support and mentoring. Also, for children born to poor mothers, we are involved in establishing, funding and running food pantries, thrift stores, parenting programs. We are the volunteers who run shelters for the homeless; we are the volunteers who are Big Brothers and Big sisters for children; we are the ones who pay taxes to help with all the support programs; we are the ones who volunteer to be child advocates in the court systems and provide shelter for abused women. You will not find any program to help mothers and children that is not supported by and filled with conservative volunteers. Surveys also show that lower and middle class conservatives give a greater portion of their income to charities than do liberals. The reason we get labeled as the people who won’t support children after they are born is because we want to see changes in the social support programs so that they lift people to get an education and off welfare. We want women and children to have something better than dependency on government and generations of welfare because such dependency is an affront to their dignity and a waste of their potential. Please understand this

  15. I need help December 8, 2014

    Is it just me or does she look like Harry Potter?


  17. I grew up in the 60’s and the attitude displayed on this liberal is somewhat accurate, I went to art school etc.However, the “shift”‘ is what has happened to many people, the shift being not a person with a label,either left or right, but a fair person who has compassion for humanity.First,we change ourselves, that’s the shift, then those who actually oppose us, don’t really matter, because their opinion isn’t really what I am. Caring, kind, aware,not a push over, firm, these are all qualities that speak the truth. Belittling others, or forcing them to change their behavior or attitudes,goes against Cosmic Law. Give goodwill to those dragging behind in their belief structures, but run as far away from them, because they do pollute your world, and will only change when they “ever” bottom out. Bottoming out may happen when they die and see their bullshit! God Bless for now! Peter

  18. Isaac Orlowski February 2, 2015

    Bahahaha, soooo true! Great

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