Aren’t You Sick Of Trump’s Lies?!


We need answers!


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  1. I can’t believe the leftists at eatliver actually matured to the point of not railing on Trump tangentially.

  2. Joe Biden(D) August 9, 2019

    We believe in truth not facts.

    • Donald Ttump (R) August 9, 2019

      We believe in lies,not in truths or facts.

    • @Donald…
      Real facts, real quotes.

    • Donald Ttump (R) August 10, 2019

      As you wish: the prince of Whales, they took over the airports, Tim Apple, my dad is from a German village, and so on.

    • Without people thinking for Donald he’s live in a sewer, naked.

  3. former Marine August 9, 2019

    The truth is still the truth, even if no one believes it. A lie is still a lie, even if everyone believes it.

  4. He had just another witness killed. No traces will be found.

    • JailJokes4U August 11, 2019

      People are surprised Epstein committed suicide in that cell… Imagine his surprise!

    • And Trump is blaming the Clintons. *lol* Yeah, right.

  5. You know why Trump doesn’t wear glasses? Because he’s already got 2020. You leftie cupcakes have a long six years in front of you.

    • He does not wear them because he is extremely vain. He is the type of guy that goes for contacts and blames the teleprompter for his inability to read a text.

    • Like every mad king would do. Decapitate the teleprompter man!

    • I’ll be amazed if he lives that long. He exclusively eats fast food.

  6. former Marine August 11, 2019

    Definition of Stupid: Knowing the truth, seeing the truth, but still believing the lies.

  7. former Marine August 11, 2019

    Fake news: when the press publishes quotes of what you wrote, plays recordings of what you said, and shows videos of what you did.

    Middle Age Riot

  8. former Marine August 11, 2019

    Two things I can’t stand.

    1. A liar

    2. A liar that gets mad when you don’t believe the lies they are telling you.

    • 2. is sign of narcissism.

    • Trump checks 1 and 2. And many more symptoms of a narcisist.

    • A liar that gets mad when you don’t believe the lies they are telling you is also still a liar.
      Your list is redundant

    • Liars can also react otherwise to not being believed: they can feel ashamed, caught out in a lie. But hey, Trump’s EQ is as low as his IQ.

  9. Now he’s killing bald eagles.

  10. Trump = Pinocchio :-))))

  11. I’m sick of everything about Tweetybird and his gullible cult.

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