Brilliant British EU Supporter Signs


Brits are notoriously funny when it comes to protest signs. We’ve already featured British Anti-Trump Protest Signs gallery. Now it’s time to look at UK citizens who don’t thing that leaving EU is such a good idea.

Funny EU supporter sign.

Funny EU supporter sign.

Funny EU supporter sign.

Funny EU supporter sign.

Funny EU supporter sign.

Funny EU supporter sign.

Funny EU supporter sign.

Funny EU supporter sign.

Funny EU supporter sign.

Funny EU supporter sign.

Funny EU supporter sign.

Funny EU supporter sign.

Funny EU supporter sign.

Funny EU supporter sign.

Funny EU supporter sign.

Funny EU supporter sign.

Funny EU supporter sign.

Funny EU supporter sign.

Funny EU supporter sign.

Funny EU supporter sign.

Funny EU supporter sign.

Funny EU supporter sign.


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  1. Paid protesters are the best protesters!

    • That seems to work just as well in Britain as it does in the USA.

    • What do you think populists like Johnson und Trump get money and support from Putin for?

    • So much denial; so much ignorance.

      When the majority voted against Trump do you really think they had to pay people to express what a jerk they think he is?

      When nearly 50% voted against Brexit do you think they needed to pay people to let it be known.

      Now we know who believes over 12,000 Trump lies.

      Trump supporters maybe less educated than his detractors but you don’t need to take every opportunity to prove you are intellectually challenged.

    • Just lettin' ya know September 6, 2019

      just sayin’, >maybemay be< just as bad yourself

    • Still lettin' ya know. September 6, 2019

      Wow, that did not come out right. Must have been the arrows.

      just sayin’, *maybe* you should not call out the intellectually challenged when you *may be* just as bad yourself.

    • How f’in stupiddddd. Why try to drag the USA into everyone’s business. Yes in capital letters, USA (and proud of it.).

    • The first “America first”-movement was convinced it would have been better to leave Hitler alone and let him take over the world. As long as America would not be bothered. Or it would have been too late.

  2. These treacherous scum should be shot.

    • Shame on you.

    • Joris Bohnson September 3, 2019

      No worries. Once Boris get the parlairment suspended and he asserts himself as supreme ruler of the Islands West of the Channel. Oppossers to his rule will be imprisoned and shot.

    • treachery is weakening your country and destroying it’s reputation, so it’s more like the other way around. these protesters are patriots.

    • The Old Man on the Mountain Alamut September 5, 2019

      Would you pull the trigger?

  3. Where all these people when it was up for a vote?

    • “The vote” was no vote. It was an opinion poll. Many “voted” “leave” for fun and drunk.
      Then suddenly the poll was a vote and everybody was WTF? Brexit is a scam and covert operation of the FSB.

    • Wasn’t it also a referendum to join the EU in the first place? The UK should stop stalling and just implement the people’s opinion.

    • The people’s opinion is a hung jury, 52-48.

    • @William: As anon said, maybe these picketers should have been out voting when the government arranged a referendum? Must have cost them tens of millions to arrange that. The people have spoken, so no more flip flopping kthx.

    • In the UK a referendum is not legally binding. It’s parliament that takes the decisions, and it’s the people’s good right to demonstrate when parliament makes stupid decisions.

    • Referendums are indeed not legally binding. However they give the people a direct voice, so the government can make decisions based on that voice. The people gave its voice, and the government made a decision. If many got drunk and voted to leave for the lulz, they’ll have a rude awakening thinking that referendums don’t have consequences.

    • Also Brexiteers, Johnson with them, lied about the consequences, costs and gains. How reliable is a result based on lies and fake facts? The referendum is more than questionable. No wonder they don’t want a second one now that people are informed about the real deal.

    • The reason they don’t want a second (or 3rd, 4th, nth) referendum is just that. There’d always be something “wrong” with the latest one, and referendums are dirty expensive to arrange (googled that UK’s EU referendum cost 129MGBP to arrange). That’s why they’re so scarce in a democratic system, and never redundant. Britons got their voice heard, the parliament made their decision, and now it’s time to execute that decision. No more hanging in a loose noose.

    • A decision made based on lies is a bad decision. It’s stupid not to reevaluate such a decision. Therefore Brexit looks stupid to everyone else.

    • Why not expose the lies during the time before the referendum? In my adult life, I’m 44, my country has held exactly one referendum, so they are extremely scarce. I wouldn’t put my money on the UK getting another one so quick after the last one AND on the same topic, because the outcome was wrong in some people’s opinion.

    • @Oh snap, No more hanging in a loose noose? You want to tighten the noose and see the UK commit suicide?

    • It’s a figure of speech for hesitance or the inability to commit.

    • I know for a fact that the government bodies of EU countries, such as taxation, customs and immigration, have been preparing for Brexit since the day after it was decided, costing each country hundreds of millions in preparation. Britain will end up paying for those preparations either through tariffs (brexit) or membership costs (no brexit).

    • And why not. Their idea. Nothing comes for free. Not even Brexit.

    • I know what the expressions means; it just struck me that the literary meaning is equally appropriate in this context.

    • @Anon “And why not. Their idea. Nothing comes for free. Not even Brexit.”

      Exactly. And there are people wanting to accumulate the cost of subsequent referendums to the total burden on the Briton’s taxpayer, because the first one got it “wrong”. I would like to quote Maistre here.

  4. On a positive note; For many there is a life long lesson to be learned about referendums here. They are scarce and expensive, but most of all even if they don’t bind the politicians to anything, their results tend to be respected because not doing that may mean political suicide.

    • That’s why referendums are not of democratic value most of the time. If honest we have to admit we the people are not close to being qualified making decisions on many or most political and economical issues. As nice as democracy sounds, governments have to be run by experts.

  5. Yeah, you know you’re right, paying billions to be in a trade agreement that taxes us to trade with our own commonwealth, and costs loses millions every year in trade deficit to help subsidise and facilitate a world government, sounds a fantastic idea to me. What could possibly go wrong???

  6. Rees-Mogg's Chaise Longue September 9, 2019

    Maybe, just maybe, that since nearly everything voters were told the before the referendum that showed Brexit in a good light has since been exposed as downright LIES (see bus for details), maybe some people have decided that Brexit isn’t such a great idea.

    An anaogy:
    “If you vote for me, I will give you £100”
    “Actually, I lied. You owe me money now – #sorrynotsorry”

  7. Just a bunch of antidemocratic unpatriotic moaners who want to be ruled by foreign unelected elites. In the UK a referendum doesn’t need to be legally binding when the government has said it’ll act on the result and parliament votes to kick the process off. And lies (apart from remoaners ‘Project Fear’) had nothing to do with it; folk had experienced decades of lost sovereignty and knew exactly what they were voting for. We now have an opposition that wishes to deny the people’s decision and a minority government trying against all odds, the EU, and all the wreckers, to get a deal, or leave without one as promised. The present parliament fails to represent the people and all of it’s MPs are unfit to be there.

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