Sleeping Beauty Reboot




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  1. Eatliver Fan November 28, 2017

    Yeah – Gloria Allred would be all over this.

  2. Cox-a-'splodin' November 28, 2017

    We’ll no it wouldn’t. Don’t go kissing sleeping girls. This is basically CPR though so that’s probably fine, just don’t molest them. The world is much simpler when you think about it for a sec.

  3. Always remember to ask for consent before attempting to rescue someone who is drowning or is unconscious. If that person is an SWJ she will sue you.

  4. If you find kissing someone without consent disgusting

    then you should read the original story; Giambattista Basile’s Sun, Moon and Talia.

    Let’s just say she isn’t awakened by a simple kiss

  5. November 29, 2017

    I was scrolling down and although I guessed what the last panel would be, it still made me chuckle…

  6. FYI in the original Grimm story, Prince “Charming” raped her & she only woke up through the pain of childbirth.

    • No, in the real original she slept through childbirth (twins at that) and awakened when one of the babies accidently sucked the poison out of her finger.

    • See, your right, it could have been worse.

    • Anthony Weiner November 29, 2017

      Do you have the cell number for the surviving twin?

    • They have to wake up?

    • Bill Clinton November 29, 2017

      Do cigars count and it depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.

    • Zelda, my delicate flower. When this corruption trial things blows over, perhaps our Dominican Republic vacation can finally be consummated. I quiver with anticipation for your acquiescence to my manly passion.

  7. Japanese nerdy guy November 29, 2017

    What if it was a robot? Would it be OK then?

  8. Ahmed Mohammad November 29, 2017

    What if it were a goat would it be OK then?

  9. What if it were a meerkat. Would it be OK then?

  10. prince obvious November 29, 2017

    Let’s not rush with kissing

  11. A Questioning Mind November 29, 2017

    You people are disgusting. Have you never heard the old saying? “Let sleeping dogs lie.”

  12. I *love* to see Leftists’ allergic reactions to their stupidity/ideology being thrown in their faces!

    • Because Rightist ideology is so… “smart”.

    • Are you two for real? At times I wonder if you are the same person, trying to create traffic for eatliver. Maybe you are AI bots. Programmed and unstalled as extreme polars.

      In the feline world (and in the human) there is more to the world of politics, than just left vs right.

      Either way :

      Cats > Left
      Right < Cats

      – CatMan

    • Poor widdle catman can’t comprehend that most people don’t *get* the notion of politics other than the left/right linear approach.

  13. Just wait until they read Beauty and the Beast where it’s ok to lie and trick gullible women as long as you are rich royalty.

  14. Just about all the old fairy tales were problematic.

  15. If a fictional princess has to die to provide protection to real life women from sexual harassment then so be it.

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