Why Cats Are So Angry All The Time



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  1. But why Trump voters are so pissed all the time?

    • Truthhunter April 28, 2017

      Fear of change and the future. Plus a large amount of religious delusion and a quite strong inferiority complex. All combined in an undeveloped mind.

    • Prince Leo April 29, 2017

      You mean those protests against Trump were done by Trump voters?

    • Truthhunter April 29, 2017

      As he has done nothing in his first 100 days than spending taxpayers money for tasteless curtains, failing at decision making, alienating allies, insulting friends, establishing the white house as a palace for his upcoming monarchy, making the rich (himself and family) richer and the poor more miserable by tax reform and playing golf, they soon be.

    • I’m sure all the rioters in Berkeley voted for Trump, that’s why they’re protesting Ann Coulter!

    • WTF does that have to do with Trump or politics? What a Richard.

  2. Here kitty, kitty April 28, 2017

    Cats kill up to 3.7 billion birds in the US alone each year. The book Silent Spring is propaganda that continues to disseminated in our schools. So what if a million African people die of malaria every year

    • How do cats cause thinner egg shells? Do they use their psychic powers to identify and kill only the examples in each bird species that tend to produce offspring in thicker shells?

    • Here kitty, kitty April 29, 2017


    • Silent Spring: “Poison kills stuff.”
      [golf clap]

  3. Here kitty, kitty April 29, 2017

    Millions of people die of malaria in Africa because misguided environmentalists won’t allow the use of DDT. Your compassion is as overwhelming as your ignorance. Environmentalists main grievance against DDT is that it increases human population numbers.

    • They will allow DDT if you start drinking one glas of DDT each morning. Deal?

    • You are an idiot. DDT damages eggshells. Less birds, more insects. It comes back to humans in the food chain. I’m sure you eat a lot of meat. And most likely causes cancer.
      And insects can become resistent anyways.

    • HKK:
      Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.
      – A Lincoln

  4. Here kitty, kitty April 30, 2017

    Once again, it’s mercury, (also lead) that causes eggshell thinning. None of which changes the fact that cats kill billions of birds each year, many just for sport and not as a food source.
    So tell me, do you recycle your CFL light bulbs (which are full of mercury), or do you just throw them in the garbage where they end up in the landfill and leach their poison into the environment? What about the costs to the health of Chinese mercury miners? In addition catcando can’t spell resistant correctly. (Lead poisoning?)

    • Mercury does this too. That’s too. But also does DDT. It’s a fact that had it banned. Facts are stronger than your feelings.
      Just don’t use CFL light bulbs because of that mercury. I did once but wasn’t happy with the performance and mercury problem. Brought them all to recycling. There are alternatives for those CFLs. Good old halogen bulbs (not for very long though) and of course LEDs. Oh, and I take them to recycling too after they are done. Electronics inside.
      @resistant Wrong language. I learned more than one. It’s confusing sometimes. Yet, even with lead poisoning most IQs are higher than yours, obviously. US IQs are below world average btw. They never cared much about the invorenment. Look, what it got them. More stupidity.

  5. Prince Leo May 1, 2017

    I like cats with bacon

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