Kevin Spacey Comes Out as Dyslexic



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  1. I love that “I’ve made a huge mistake” look on his face.

  2. The Lone Wonderer November 12, 2017

    I love how everybody has already judged him, even before there’s been evidence or a court case.

    • Even among the cast of house of cards, prior to any allegations, the child performers were told not to go play games in his trailer without having someone else with them. They knew this shit, they just werent public with it.

    • At some point the evidence becomes an avalanche.
      And marketing won’t risk anything for one potential grabber or rapist.
      It’s good what’s happening in showbusiness and politics now. The predators have become the hunted. This is not only good for the (potential future) victims. It’s good for all of us. At least those who know how to behave themselves. No matter what you think of feminism or gender politics.

    • I hope Polanski has enough space at his flat.

    • Darn, I agree with Dat again.

    • @me You do realize that’s the same in literally every profession, right?
      Doctors aren’t allowed to be on their own with children.
      Nurses aren’t allowed to be on their own with children.
      Teachers aren’t allowed to be on their own with children.
      Psychologists aren’t allowed to be on their own with children without the room being monitored by security cameras.

      Just like actors aren’t allowed to be with children on their own without cameras monitoring the situation, because y’know, there have bee hundreds of cases where children have accused people of sexual assault when nothing actually happened.

  3. Dat, whilst I agree that predators should be named, shamed and prosecuted, please remember that there are also quite a few cases out there where a career has been ruined by some person (usually female), who wanted some headlines and made false allegations against another person (usually a celebrity of some kind) in order to get them.

    • Maybe. That’s what the investigators have to find out. Yet such cases are few. Sexual harrassment and abuse are hard to prove. So many offenders escape justice anyway.

  4. The difference between liberal and conservative molesters? Liberals fire their offenders, conservative vote them into service.

    • Please show a single instance of a convicted child molester who was voted into office after their conviction. Not tried and convicted on the internet, but in an actual court of law.

    • I guess this is not just about “child molesters” and the one who comes in mind got voted president. Donald “Pussygrabber” Trump.

    • BigR, you know a conservative won’t convict a child molester.

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