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  1. …and Donald Trump himself went into the women’s dressing room at the Miss Universe pageant.

  2. gobsmacked scientist January 24, 2018

    You have to admit there are some constitutional perks as a president

  3. Travis Patten January 25, 2018

    I’m really confused, where exactly do these people think transgender people went pee before Pres Obama?????

    • In their actual gender’s bathroom. They started going on opposite gender’s room during Obama administration.
      FWIW it’s not only transgender, but anyone claiming they’re in the opposite gender can go to wrong gender room.
      What’s going on nowadays is shared bathrooms are going away and noe we’ve unisex single user bathrooms with long lines.

    • And let’s not forget: women now need to get used to men’s lower hygiene standards in bathroom :D

    • A Really Old Guy January 25, 2018

      On the third Hein comment. I always take great care to keep my lower hygiene clean and fresh. I have high standards and so far all the women I associate with appreciate it.

    • @Hein, why do you give a rat’s behind? What are you doing in the bathroom? Personally, I go in there, do my business, wash my hands, and leave. That’s it. I do not care who is in there taking care of their own business because I don’t go there to interact. Are you that worried about what’s on the other side of the glory hole? Well, don’t be. You’ll never see them, and you’ll never know.

    • If that’s true, people wouldn’t freak out for having to match bathroom with their biological gender.

    • Interesting how well Hein knows the bathrooms of the other sex. Or so he thinks. Another fake fact.
      He is – once again – completly wrong. Studies show that mens’ rooms are cleaner and host less bacteria than womens’ rooms.

    • It’s true. Everyone I know who has worked in a bar and had to do afterhours cleanup can attest. I can tell you that the ladies room at the Quoc Te could easily serve as the portal to hell.

  4. Travis Patten January 25, 2018

    Hmmmm guess while my mom was working as a psychiatric nurse where transgender people were treated (along with many others) from 2002-2005 she was mistaken as to where they went to the bathroom. When I accompanied my gay sister to pride events she didn’t go to the women’s restroom with her transgender friend. But hey why would those who actually know transgender people have any clue, right?

    • Travis Patten January 25, 2018

      Hope you’re familiar with sarcasm

    • Your gay sister was still a woman. Being gay doesn’t change gender. A woman is free to date whoever she wants, but she’ll aways be a woman.

    • Miraculously right. Being gay isn’t the same as being transgender. And don’t forget there are people who actually have no gender – or both. Nature isn’t black and white. Only right-winged brains are. An ok-functioning half and a rotten half.

    • Being “transgender” doesn’t actually change the gender. The person may have the illusion of that, but can’t force others to join a shared illusion.

    • Very soon parents-to-be asking doctors what’s the sex of the unborn child will be labeled homophobes or whatever word is used for that.
      I am very supportive of gays’ rights. But once the movement became political and started to be called LGBTHAJGDHSIEJSHSHSJSBWVGWAIWGSVSHEJEKZX, I can no longer follow the BS they try to impose.
      Nonetheless, gays should be respected and should have all civil rights as any straight person, but we.g. a woman dressed as a man, drugged and deformed by doctors to look like a man, will still be a woman in my eyes, but a woman that needs help and a bit extra understanding from the world.

  5. The only “men” in the womens’ room were cisgender men (born with a body and brain who agreed on their gender) who followed women into the womens’ room because they thought the woman might be transgender. Every damn time, the woman was cisgender and just didn’t conform to that man’s idea of what a woman should look like.

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