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  1. Hey look, it’s the retarded brother of the fresh prince

  2. I will sure look old

  3. Burt Reynolds January 17, 2016

    But they are both right…

  4. Atheist Anglais January 17, 2016

    To the non-bigots among us, homophobes actually look that way already.

  5. I enjoy the witty humor here but hate it when this kind of social engineering BS is posted. Come on, Mods.

  6. That is stupid… mixing race is far far different that gay marriage or a gay family . You it just makes you like pretty ignorant to compare the two

    • Please explain why it is different on ethical and moral grounds.

    • Yes…because opposing the marriages of consenting adult couples is nothing at all like opposing the marriages of consenting adult couples.

  7. It is better to stand by something than try to be tolerated and loved by everyone.

  8. It’s better for a child to have a gay family than living in an orphanage.
    Every orphan would be happy to have two dads or mums instead of nuns.
    The problem are the other people. Like those freaks on the photo. Stupid people that need something to hate to give their life a purpose.

    • Bubba and Joe Bob January 17, 2016

      Me and Joe Bob gotta agree with EUro. Lotta kids in this world need families no matter the make up.

  9. And what about all the women bashing posts on EatLiver?

  10. Imagine all the people…. Living as homophobes. Oo hoo oooowoo!

  11. What most people didn’t notice so far is the fact, and it is not that easy to spot, that the couple in the top picture are actually siblings. Where they come from, a place known as “under the big rock”, this is well accepted, as they are not the same sex. “under the big rock” has a twin “town” in “the big dark cave” where it is commonplace that one’s dad is also one’s brother and one’s mom is also one’s sister. Due to the darkness in “the big dark cave” it is difficult for the inhabitants to recognize whether or not the person they mate with is a very close relative, but, and this is of utmost importance to the inhabitants, they manage to spot the difference between males and females.

    • What? Have you gone full retard? Please go back to timecube dot com…..

  12. Oh, the irony…..

  13. Just imagine how you’re going to look in 40 years? I’ll be dead by then so I won’t care. It’s not my world anymore, so if you want to goof it up, go for it. Just take responsibility for it and don’t blame the previous generation.

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