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  1. Well I was hoping the new format was an April fool’s prank. I preferred the old format because you saw the comments just scrolling down. A lot of the time, the comment’s were as good or better than the original joke. Kind of loses it having an extra step.
    I know you have to try to make the website pay, so I respect that. Just prefer the old format.

    • One extra click… Dude your life is hell now :/

    • Anonymous April 2, 2014

      You realise you can just go on eatliver.com, click the first picture and then use the website as always with back and forth buttons!?

  2. My life has no more meaning!!! Eatliver betrayed me today!
    Btw, nice legs.

    • thank u!

    • @Legs
      At least the spirit of Eatliver hasn’t died yet .
      However, Legs, I wasn’t talking about you. I was referring to the other 2.

  3. FoolApril's April 2, 2014

    Oh my…those bunions…look away.

  4. Anonymous April 2, 2014

    Dude wears heels. A lot.

    • …and you know that… how?

    • Because the big toes are horrendously skewed inwards, like what women who mostly wear pointy toe shoes have.

  5. Was it good for you?

  6. foot doctor April 3, 2014

    that is the worst case of ugly @ss foot syndrome i have ever seen…. and im a real foot doctor (not really, but i play one on the interwebs)
    but seriously, those feet are nasty and boney

  7. Admiral confused April 3, 2014

    Why that lady bath with a horse?

  8. Atbfirst i thought those were the legs of a rotten corpse O_o

  9. lol it’s just funny to me i don’t know why

  10. first i thought that legs were from a starving african kid.

  11. What, no rug?

  12. stop… HAMMERTIME!

  13. PatronasKitty7 December 27, 2015

    All I could think of was that one tumblr post. “Crispy Burnt Up Human Legs…” XD

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