Jesus vs. Surgeon



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  1. Any religious folks got anything to say about this?

    • I find this pic funny and witty, and not at all offensive. But, then, I belong to another religion…

    • @cafcaf And your religion doesn’t have a god or gods that are capable of affecting such things?

  2. Ivan the Apostle December 20, 2016

    Like a child. That’s given a gift that they don’t like. By their Mamma. But then she dies of cancer.

  3. Jesus healed the sick

    • James Bair April 25, 2017

      But if Jesus has the power to heal the sick, why do people get sick in the first place? Wouldn’t it be a lot easier and save everyone a lot of pain and suffering if he just kept people healthy? If I had that sort of power, that’s how I’d use it. I don’t get it. It kind of insinuates that if Jesus has the power to heal, then he also has the power to make ill. As a result, I drifted away from the whole blind faith and started demanding evidence for claims.

  4. Why dont you all go after the mooslimes the same way?? Afraid like little wusssies!

  5. particle head January 7, 2017

    No, see, God has these omnipotent and omniscient superpowers but he’s not responsible for the tumors…those are like, random…we don’t know where that shit came from.

  6. This religious stuff gets pretty boring, actually.

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