Jesus Acting Like a Total Jerk



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  1. When you grow a pair, you’ll show some cartoons about mohamed

    • This is the difference between you Christians and us – you want the same lame and unfunny thing to happen to us, we just execute the offenders and leave you alone.

    • @muslim freedom of speech, ever heard of that?

    • The Lone Wonderer August 5, 2015

      A pair is not needed. If something cannot be ridiculed without penalty, then it is a laughable matter to begin with. Btw, many Muslims actually have humor (wow, who’d have thought!), just different.

    • The Lone Wonderer August 5, 2015

      @lolfosor is that the same thing as freedom of stupidity? Cuz I’m all for that! :D Let’s just rip every warning label (made ever) off anything and let natural selection do it’s job

    • @wonderer how is free speech related to stupidity. I don’t follow…

    • Freedom= free to be dumb!

    • They already did.

    • The Internet’s chock full of Mohammed cartoons, Chuckles. Don’t start with the butt-hurt pretending that only the Jebus myth gets laughed at.

    • @Lolfosor: What did you think my stupid little comment was?

  2. And since we only have two factions of the abrahamists representin’, how do the Jews feel about this? Probably victimized in some way I imagine.

  3. Libtards are weak August 6, 2015

    I love it the way the mooslimes come on here and try to make a point in comparing this dis on Jesus to moohomitt!!
    Jesus can protect Himself, and we as Christians might be upset, but would never, ever, do what the beheading mooslimes do on a daily basis…
    The other bottom line is, that we have to have grace for stuff (stupid senseless cartoons)like this and forgive. I truly welcome any of the same hateful message towards mr moohomitt…

  4. Libtardssuk August 6, 2015

    Um, the mooslimes seem to be keying in here…
    You mooslimes are pathetic!
    Christians would never do what you all do on a daily basis, in the name of your allahugly!!
    Sorry, we have to have grace for this “eat liver” and for the mooslimes…It stinks, but I am pissed about what we have to do these days…
    I will have grace, but am addressing the mooslimes on this site…
    I don’t like what one says about beheading, and hope he meets his maker…

    • Maybe Jesus could make you see, because you really must be blind in order to not see what alleged Christians do on a daily basis.
      And I am not talking about the finger-pointing right now. By the way, did you know that usually when you point your finger at someone else, Libtardssuk, at least three fingers of that hand point into your own direction? Probably not.

    • Don’t know why you say you’re a Christian when the things you’ve said make that impossible. Using derogatory terms to dehumanize people who are different than yourself is extremely unChristian. Saying you hope someone dies is extremely unChristian. Your comments make you look vile and like someone of exceptionally low intelligence. I’d wonder if you’re pretending to be Christian to give them a bad name, but they already do that on a constant basis so there’d be no point.

  5. Libtardssuk August 6, 2015

    It is REALLY strange that this “eat liver” will go after Jesus, but not mohamad…
    You eat liver geniuses must really be nervous , and wussies about doing something as bad as that, right????
    OR, perhaps you have mooslimes collecting pay checks…Hmmmmmmmmm…Seems to be the reality of this stupid, retarded depiction of Christ…

  6. Zombie Jesus August 6, 2015

    I guess if making a joke about a certain religion is likely to get you murdered by some indoctrinated imbeciles who can’t fathom out that their rituals and customs are pointless and idiotic, then it’s kind of sensible to stick to offending those who are just going to grumble. It may not be “fair”, “right” or “equal”, but at least you stay alive. I like the shaking arm one.

  7. Logical atheist August 6, 2015

    This is so funny!

    • The laying carpet, System32, gold teeth and healing ones are pretty funny. The rest are bad. Remove Jeezus from the equation and if it’s still funny, it’s still funny. The healing one is funny because of the Lawd Jeezus.

    • The old man at the mountain Alamut August 6, 2015

      Agree! This discussion is much better than the drawings. And just to remind some people – this is a satirical website, And the joke here is that someone decorated some cheesy Jesus drawings with cheeky quotes. Not the best joke in the world; I give you that; but some are amusing in some way. Praise the big man in the sky, you choose which one!

  8. I don’t think that first one is Jesus. It looks like The Dude.

    • The old man at the mountain Alamut August 6, 2015

      You are right dude, that’s The Dude! Apart from the one where he sits behind the driver. On this one he looks mental, like Charlie Mason or Rasputin!

  9. “The bullet stays in LOL” is mu favorite. And begone religious zealots! Why whine when you can lol.

  10. Seriously? People are getting angry and worked up?? If this was funny, fine, if not, just ignore it. Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Abraham and more – they were all about the SAME thing. God as love, and the expression of that love in our deeply painful world. Support and love good things, and do good work, and give no more attention to those who do horrible things. EVERY religion has its ********. (And I’m pretty sure God, Allah, G-d – whatever you choose – has a sense of humor.)

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