What The Hell, Japan?!



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  1. Bubba and Joe Bob August 15, 2016

    Gonna borrow from CatMan… Japan>Russia The one good thing outta Japan is them fortune cookies.

    • Those there fawtune cookies was invended in america. How can y’all nahwt know this here?

    • Like it’s weird, but America has Honey Boo Boo, Hillbilly Fishing, sugar added to odd things like bread, utter refusal to add tax on shelf prices, stronger refusal to use the MUCH EASIER metric system, the “World” Series-can’t emphasize too strongly the sarcasm on “World”, obsession with coffe but your idea of coffee is watered down brown water.

    • Fortune cookies were viewed as “Too American” for the Japanese market

    • Bubba and Joe Bob > Everyone else.

    • Fortune cookies were invented in America

  2. yes logic, ay must agree with y’all. we are weird ayn’ that there’s what makes us great. wait till we elec trump. we’ll be eve greatr again!
    ayn’ that there watered down brown stuff isn’t coffee, it’s mowonshine! oh, yes! darn good stuff! 120% proof. makes y’all blind faw an hour aw two, but it’s wawth it.

  3. Sure, put others down for originality and imagination. Why can’t they just be good little robots? WTF indeed

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