If You Ever Feel Dumb…



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  1. In fairness I thought it was real. It looks real.

  2. Bosten Scientific Henchman Robotics Dweeb October 18, 2018

    Our “dummies” will gut you and do a “Mortal Combat” fatality move and hang your de-corpsed skull and backbone by a near by tree before you can say “Christopher Columbus”.

  3. You should see Minister of Defence of Serbia. Now that is funny.

  4. Or maybe, just maybe, he is indicating with his hand something about that backpack. When you shake hands, you look into the eyes, especially if you are a general.

    • UnisFeltham October 18, 2018

      Yes @Luudzu – that’s a very good observation. I don’t think a general would be looking down at the ground when shaking hands with a lower rank soldier.

    • He could also be making a joke. He would be the first one in history making one with dummies. The Americans voted a dummy for president.

    • Or maybe he’s just got ptsd from helping Hillary Clinton dodge sniper fire in Bosnia while running from the plane.

    • German Machine Gun October 19, 2018

      No, he’s Italian. He would have fled before the firing began.

    • @DAT: Yep, twice. They didn’t learn the first time.

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