Is Pepsi OK?



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  1. So what the hell happened to the interface?

  2. Oh my god, this stock photo is so bad in so many ways…

  3. This new format March 30, 2014


  4. I also liked the OLD OLD eatliver much more… Back in the times, when there still was last page: thats all from eatliver… good old times…

  5. me no likey the new eatliver

  6. is disappointed with the new layout, man. I hate to piss on your work, but the old style was perfect just the way it was :(

  7. I like the old format best too, but you should of course do what you think is best for you! Keep up the good work and a big thank you for doing it!

  8. Who jumped the shark? March 30, 2014 did. Coke and Pepsi are for fat kids.

  9. my life is ruined because of this new interface! whyyy?!

    • Back in the day:
      – Look at picture.
      – Scroll down.
      – Read, Add or Reply on Comments.
      – Click [next picture] >>>
      – Thank Eatliver for a simple pagesetup by click on a commercial banner.

      Now a day:
      My life is also ruined because of this new interface.
      No clicking on commercial banners, anymore.

  10. Well, the new interface it can still be an April 1st joke..
    (that the real new interface will show up on April 2nd.

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