Iran Obviously Wants War



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  1. Uncle Sam May 11, 2018

    We’re going to bomb the shiznit out of them if they keep this up.

  2. Your culture is not my prom dress May 11, 2018

    Let’s kidnap their ambassadorial staff and shoot the guards, that’ll show em.

  3. Doubt guy May 11, 2018

    The worst fear of Europe is USA leaving those places and leaving the way free to Russians and their allies.

    • That’s why Putin put Trump on the throne. He’ll do exactly what Russia wants. Russia is the only party benefiting by Trumps policy so far.

    • Doubt guy May 11, 2018

      Muh Russia collusion! 🤓

    • @Dat: You have a very severe case of Trump on the Brain Syndrome.

  4. Mr. Truffles May 11, 2018

    There are no US military bases east of Iran except in Afghanistan. This is either old or pure propaganda.

  5. Once there is war everyone will forget about my grabbing and high treason.

    • I would have surrendered already.

    • Obama offered a carrot for Iran not to make a bomb. Trump is offering a stick to ensure that Iran makes a bomb.

    • Madelline Halfbright May 12, 2018

      Yeah Willy, giving N Korea money, food, fuel, and two light water nuclear reactors stopped them from making nuclear weapons, so leaving billions of hard currency on the tarmac of an Iranian airport should really do the trick.

    • It stopped North Korea as long as the USA kept their part of the deal… And now you are making the same mistake again.

  6. Darth Shoe Lieberman May 11, 2018

    Iranians are great cobblers, you can order cast mold on the dark web then ship it to them and they will make a custom shoes for you, they like bitcoin… but that’s about it. Maybe that’s why the Ruskies like the Iranians?

  7. I don’t think there are that many US military bases in Pakistan. I could be wrong, and I haven’t lived there for a while, and things do change. I know there is a base near Islamabad, but it might be PK military. They gave me gas once lol!

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