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  1. Because then you can’t use your own comfy headphones anymore, but you’ll be required to buy our us$250 apple-locked in junk. ka-ching!

  2. But it’s waterproof!

    • So am I…..

    • Bubba and Joe Bob September 8, 2016

      Not waterproof, water resistant. That’s their claim. Difference between waterproof and water resistant is – I’m water resistant (don’t like taking a bath) and Joe Bob is waterproof ( he dont bathe at all).

  3. Intl nationalist September 8, 2016

    Funny thing is how iDiots are defending the removal of the 3.5mm jack as a great idea. If you don’t want to use it, use bt or something else. There was no real need to get rid of it except to force fanboys to scrap their headphones for specially approved apple ones.

    • And they can sell special licences to the producers of headphones to build new, better and more compfy models. I guess that brings much more money than the Apple model alone.

    • Random Engineering Idiot September 8, 2016

      This applies to any type of phone, Android/Apple/Microsoft/ etc etc
      It does make a certain sense to remove the jack. The jack takes up about 2% of a phones internal space. Removing the jack gives engineers the posibility to redesign the layout of the internal electronics of the whole phone, either by making the phones even more slim, or putting in more electronic wonders (read: crap), without expanding the the length or the width of the phone. The next thing that will be removed is the charger/USB jack and phones will be all wireless charged. This allows even further space for the engineers to play with. Ultimately even the camera might be removed and would require an external adapter of some sort. Again its space for the engineers.
      Of course this allows for the producers to earn extra by selling adapters and devices seperately.

    • I can see the mechanical sense in making the camera an external peripheral attachment but at the same time that would greatly increase the inconvenience to use it. I would think in product testing that may not pass. Wireless charging does make a lot of sense and you need to buy a charger either way so it’s not really a big deal. I guess removing the headphone jack makes sense, but knowing apple it definitely will be replaced with a proprietry plug. They really want users to be all-in if someone does get an iphone.
      It’s like they play chess when making design choices- every move is offence and defence. That is offence- reduces chance of errors with the product, makes it easier to use, increases efficiency. Defence- you buy an iphone, you can only use apple accessories and it excludes competition by design.

    • Using adapters is a backstep in development. The target was a phone that does it all. Apple goes back in time to sell adapters. It’s not brave, it’s backwards.

  4. Hey and it has a new shiny color! ITS SHINY!

  5. It’s amazing how people can be stupid about this jackplug thing… http://i.imgur.com/ObpoiPL.jpg

  6. Cats > Apple/Microsoft/Android > Feces > Dogs

  7. the phone comes with a lightning to 3.5 MM audio cable adapter. Best Buy sent a email telling what the major differences between an iPhone 6, 6S and 7. about the same specs.

  8. TorExitNode40 September 9, 2016


  9. The Logical Psycho September 13, 2016

    Its amazing to see how many people are talking about a phone’s new feature and justifying it to be a good thing. The micro-USB has a cable to connect earphones. Its just like adding a converter to your nose and using it to listen things while you have removed you ears.
    Whats the point? You cant even fit a microSD card in the space you saved.
    This is what to expect from a company whose logo is already eaten :D.
    In the price of that phone you can buy atleast 2 Android phones of the same(or even greater) capabilities and never regret buying it. Its free, efficient and fun. I can really do everything with my phone while that fruit had about 45% of the usability that my current Android has.

  10. Windows phones are better.

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