iPhone 12 Owners Buying iPhone 13


iPhone 12 owners buying iPhone 13


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  1. Updated Sept. 12, 2021 with study finding teenage boys face much higher heart risk from vaccine than Covid
    Updated Sept.10,2021 with Israel study on majority of hospitalized being vaccinated
    Updated Sept. 9, 2021 with CDC study about increased myocarditis/heart inflammation risk, lymphadenopathy, appendicitis, and herpes zoster infection
    Updated Sept. 4, 2021 with acute CNS demyelination after Pfizer and Moderna vaccines
    Updated Aug. 30, 2021 with Functional Neurological Disorder
    Updated Aug. 24, 2021 with waning immunity
    Updated Aug. 17, 2021 with Bell’s Palsy analysis, Hong Kong
    Updated Aug. 16, 2021 with Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) study
    Updated Aug. 5, 2021 with heart disorders more common than CDC reported from database
    Updated July 22, 2021 with EU warning about Guillain-Barre autoimmune paralysis after Johnson and Johnson vaccination.
    Updated July 12, 2021 with new FDA warning of Guillain-Barre autoimmune paralysis cases after vaccination.
    Updated July 12, 2021 with reports of Graves disease autoimmune disorder after vaccination.
    Updated July 1, 2021 with reports of Guillain-Barre paralysis cases after vaccination.
    Updated June 30, 2021 with news of first case of blood clot disorder in double-dose RNA vaccine.

    Summary by safety concern
    In the UK, some scientists analyzed adverse event reports and called upon the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency to stop the Covid-19 vaccines as “not safe for human use” due to reports of issues with bleeding/clotting, pain, immune system, neurological, loss of sight/hearing/smell/speech, and questions about impact in pregnant women.

    A petition of scientists led by Linda Wastila, Professor, Pharmaceutical Health Services Research University of Maryland School of Pharmacy is calling for Covid-19 vaccines to be disapproved.

    Fifty-seven authors from 17 countries have signed an endorsement urging that Covid-19 vaccinations be stopped unless new safety mechanisms are immediately implemented.

    The authors include Dr. Peter McCullough, cardiologist and former Vice Chief of Medicine at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, who has called for a halt to vaccinating 30-year olds due to “no clinical benefit” and safety concerns. [McCullough is currently Senior Professor of Internal Medicine at the Texas A&M University Health Sciences Center.]
    sharyl attkisson . com / 2021 / 09/ exclusive-summary- covid- 19- vaccine-concerns/

    • 4000 Americans died on 9-11 this year from COVID. That’s a lot more than the original 9-11.

      Conspiracy theory nuts don’t care. They just keep spreading lies. At least the anti-vaxers are the ones dying.

    • Bad people die, good people get vaxxed. The planet smiles.

    • You’re right! Who needs doctors, nurses and hospitals? Next time i’ve got cancer or had a stoke, i’ll just come and find you and ask for the real expert opinion on how to treat these things!

  2. Texas is full of morons!

    • :Texas is full of morons!:
      There sure is. They are called Democrats. Update your dictionary accordingly.

    • latest edition September 16, 2021

      blockhead old-fashioned | informal
      bonehead | slang
      cretin | offensive
      dimwit | informal
      dolt | disapproving
      republican | US informal
      doofus | US informal
      dullard | old-fashioned
      dunce | disapproving
      dunderhead | old-fashioned informal
      half-wit | disapproving
      knucklehead | US informal
      nitwit informal | disapproving
      numskull | informal

  3. Shut it down – please get a life.

  4. But you have to take the jab cause if you don’t their jabs won’t work. That’s literally what they are selling. Nope.

  5. The protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that didn’t protect the protected. Your logic makes no sense.

    • The protected want those protected who can’t be protected from those who do not want to protect themselves so their should be forced to get protected. It’s not that hard to understand. Except when you an egoistic swine with a need for entitled drama.

  6. Image living a life of such extreme privilege that the most outrageous violation of your rights you have ever felt is when people tried to give you a medicine that could save your life.

    No need to play the victim.

  7. Imagine forcing people to take a mRNA vaccine with risky side effects, like death, that may or may not provide protection from the virus. A vaccine that has had no long term studies or animal testing. A vaccine that has killed 14000+ people based on the CDC’s own numbers. Now THAT is privilege.

    • Phew. Yeah, that would be bad. It’s a good thing reality is nothing like that.

      The vaccines are very effective. Only 3% of the people dying had the shot.

      Lay off the fake news. You’ll feel much better.

    • Well, 4.6 MILLLION people have died of covid. That’s a little more than 14 thousand, eh?

      2.39 BILLION people have been vaccinated.

      I’ll assume your 14,000 number is correct…. 14000/2.39 billion = 14,000/2,390,000,000 = 0.0000058, or 0.00058% That’s pretty safe. Unless you never leave your house, you are doing a lot of things that are less safe than that already.

      Or, a more simple way to think about it. Abut a third of the planet has been vaccinated. ~14,000 deaths? ok, if evvvverrryone on the planet was vaccinated, that would be approximately 28,000 more deaths, for a total of 36,000 deaths. That’s a little better than 4.6 million eh? ( 127 times better actually.)

      TLDR: 14,000 people worldwide is nothing.

    • You don’t have to assume the 14,000 number is correct: it is not. From the CDC website: “FDA requires healthcare providers to report any death after COVID-19 vaccination to VAERS, even if it’s unclear whether the vaccine was the cause. Reports of adverse events to VAERS following vaccination, including deaths, do not necessarily mean that a vaccine caused a health problem.”

    • Cancer patient gets covid vaccine so he won’t die of covid. Patient dies of cancer. Antivaxxers cry out vaccine kills people.

  8. Uh, WTF? It’s a picture of a guy getting the exact same shirt he’s wearing. Implying that there’s not a lot of difference between iPhone 12 & 13. 🤪

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