How Introverts Make Friends



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  1. King of Cats December 14, 2017

    Dogs? Dogs require daily walking, that is not good for real introverts. Cats are much more suitable friends for introverts as they don’t require to get outside every day.

  2. Cats are a superior being to spend time with. For both extro and introverts.

    Dogs are just stupid. And smells.

    Cats > Dogs

    • Trying to steal my thunder, huh?

      Although you are right, your name is way too weird. You can’t expect to be taken seriously with a name ending on Man.

      Cats > Rectum > Dogs

  3. Independant Bob December 15, 2017

    Blue=Tangential temporary associations with those with common objectives.
    Red=Not dog but cat, see Blue above.

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