Cartoons of “Finnish Nightmares” All Introverts Can Relate To


Finnish illustrator Karoliina Korhonen has created a funny series of cartoons that she calls “Finnish Nightmares”. It depicts typical Finns, but I’m pretty sure even non-Finns can relate…


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  1. Finnish people must be fun at parties..

    • Yes, they are. As soon as they get something to drink, then they are very social. Real life experience :)

  2. So, all finnish have asperger’s? I need to move there.

    • Sounds like the place for me as well

    • or Social Phobia? I wish I had been born there – I would be normal!

  3. So, I’m Finnish. Didn’t know that…

  4. Sheesh! I must be from Finland.

  5. WTFCheesus June 7, 2016

    Not only Finnish, pretty common Nordic behaviour…

  6. Cats > Shy People

  7. Salzigtal June 8, 2016

    PelĂ© is presenting Michael Schumacher with a lifetime achievement award and there’s no toilet paper.

  8. What is the difference between a Finnish and an American ?
    The Finnish realizes he does not want to socialize

  9. this is normal…

  10. Mohammad Ahmed June 9, 2016

    This is why Finish women will adopt the burka gladly.

  11. PatronasKitty7 June 12, 2016

    How can he tell that there’s someone in the hallway without opening the door? Listen through the keyhole?

  12. Sounds like Seattle.

  13. I am Finnish and have felt most of these, just feel weird

  14. i think this thread is finnished.

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