Truth Behind Those Instagram Posts


Just remember who owns the boat.


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  1. Most influencer and instagram pics shout out: “Prostitute!”

    • Kendall Jenner April 23, 2019

      I protest! I may fit into one of those two classes of people. Your choice.

    • I don’t even know who you really are and why your name is in the media all the time.

  2. What’s wrong with being an Instagram prostitute if it allows for a better lifestyle? Probs better than slaving away at 7/11 to get an occasional gunpoint robbery or seeing Walmart people…

    • Men don’t want women to be prostitutes – though women have to be protistutes to get mens’ attention. Get you shit together, people.

  3. There is no stronger aphrodisiac than a tub full of money.

  4. Joke Cemetary April 25, 2019

    When my daughter don’t want to study for school, I show her this picture.

    When my son don’t want to study for school, I show him this picture.

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