Insane Food Art From Russia



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  1. since when Russia have price tags in euros?

  2. Plain art… All of it..!

  3. I saw one of the raisins move.

  4. Fachist russia will fall, and their food art will be the cause of starvation.

  5. So funny to read your comments about Russia and Russians )) especially latvian’s ones
    you choke with your hate poisoned by propaganda… time will tell the truth

  6. that instant noodles birthday cake is a fine sample of student art, most likely in dorms

  7. U made my day.

  8. Had to laugh at some designs with food!! Quite funny! And interesting!:-)

  9. Don t tease the Russians

  10. Aw man, this reminds me of what my mum sometimes likes to create.
    Yes, she is russian.
    All the cringe from these images.

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