Latest Menswear Collection by Spanish Fashion Label Palomo


Featured below is a men’s fashion collection by Palomo Spain: a Spanish company that offers a really odd take on how menswear should look in the future. What a time to be alive…


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  1. My god, horrendous sight, it is what these look of loonies, shame to them it is terrifying…. Rediculous. Unwearable. Uncomfortable

    • Colorandglamour July 14, 2017

      Exactly….dont shove this crap in the media and expect us to accept it. Feed those models!

    • casting shame? Do you really want to spread and grow shame? It is such a destructive thing and here you are, because of a little game of dress up, you so easily cast shame.
      Please think. Think.

    • No! Words! Just the work of Satan! The antichrist! He’s coming folks be ready!

    • SellingTheSecondAmendment July 17, 2017

      The clothes are horrendous, also impractical. Where exactly can I go wearing my underwear and nothing else?

    • Real men don't care what others wear August 13, 2017

      Gail… Satan’s work is frills and bows? Hell must be very pretty. See ya there, Judgy Judgerson.

  2. Pauline Hutzenbiler July 14, 2017

    How about you feed these poor kids and stop dressing them up in stupid clothing. No real man would EVER wear this crap, no women either.

    • alexander July 16, 2017

      what is a real man? maybe that needs to evolve

    • SellingTheSecondAmendment July 17, 2017

      They are models, their job is to wear whatever you give them. Feed them? LOL, they’re paid to be skinny, most of them are naturally-skinny, others diet.
      Alexander, a real man dresses like a man. It’s OK to wear a pink tie, it’s not OK to look like a freak.

  3. Colorandglamour July 14, 2017

    Fashion has finally run out of ideas.

    • Ha ha, yeah right, because every time some one tries to show men in anything other than a suit, jeans and a tshirt or a tracksuit, the world looses their shit. You realise the plain black suit was met with complete distain when the fops started wearing them.

  4. Alice Caouette July 14, 2017

    I am sorry that is in no way Mens wear

  5. Alice Caouette July 14, 2017

    You call that Mens wear … Now where I live would it ever be Mens wear

    • Real men don't care what others wear August 13, 2017

      What should men be wearing? You do know that high heels were originally men’s clothing, right. It’s just fashion mate… if you dont like it, don’t wear it.

  6. Ralph testa July 14, 2017

    All they did was put womens clothes on skinny men. No style or imagination

  7. Why no plus-sized models? Completely overlooking a huge segment of the male population. Most men have curves.

    • I’d wear the red mini-dress if it came in a plus size.

    • Elizabeth Victoria van der Westhuizen July 15, 2017

      Yep! Where are the beer bellies and cuddly big bear daddies? A woman needs a man who won’t need smelling salts when she is being attacked and someone who would cover her with his own strong body against danger.

    • Only a freak would wear these. DISGUSTING!!!

  8. Stephanie Kiceluk July 14, 2017

    I think these fashions are SO sexist! They serve to warn men about how pathetic, helpless and laughable they are when they are “feminized.” The worst insult you can throw at a man is that he is a “pussy” or “sissy,” i.e a woman. If the worst thing a “man” can be is a “woman,” what does this say about our society’s perception of women?

  9. You know, that does not look as good on you as your designer thinks it does.

  10. Lynn Charlton- Blore July 15, 2017

    I think that the collection is beautiful, quirky , ironic, ornate extraordinary…People’s comments seem paranoid fixated on sex and gender roles and this collection frankly turns it on its head…Its okay for men to demonstrate this soft sensuality…if they feel happy and safe to explore and celebrate how they wish to dress well good luck to them because there are so many scary bigots out there. I love it !!!!

    • Seriously???!

    • um, yeah,, well…if the models showed some sign that they didn’t mind wearing this stuff then maybe we could accept it but they don’t look happy, not one iota…l don’t understand why models aren’t allowed to know a smile completes an outfit..these poor lads have expressions that say “I’m not paid enough to be seen in this crap..” it might not be so bad if the outfits looked liked they fitted properly and made the guys look good, but they dont, the poor lads look retched..and honestly, even if they had been placed on actual females of the same body shape they would still lok horrid..

    • Thanks for your refreshing response, Lynn! The majority of comments would seem to indicate once again that it’s often easier to choose fear over love. My favorite looks pair the design with more ambiguous expressions and energy by the models (vs. “sad clown look”). Great to sense confidence and vulnerability with the same look.

    • Only if you are a sick and twisted attention seeking clown … or if you are being blackmailed!

    • Excellent

    • Sorry but I think you must be delusional, I am a gay man and there would be no fng way that I would wear this crap. It looks ridiculous and as a gay man I ain’t a ooo la la la girly gay but a real man butch gay. I would rather spend money on real MENS clothes than buy this pathetic rubbish.

    • … your doctor went in pension,didn’t he…?

    • Judy winter July 17, 2017

      The word is “cross dresser” dummy.

    • John.CGuy July 17, 2017

      There is no way in gods green earth you will find anyone man woman or beast wearing that rubbish.Anyone who thinks its fasion or expression needs a phycologist.
      Its a con and farce just like modern art

    • R. Whitefield July 17, 2017

      Sensual? well yeah… I imagine for some, but to most, kind of a turn off. Costume dress up time… ok

    • SellingTheSecondAmendment July 17, 2017

      Carol, models aren’t paid to be happy. They’re paid to smile, frown, stand still, etc. The “poor” lads are thinking, “awesome, I’m getting paid $1,000 for 3-hours of work.” You’re focusing on the wrong thing.
      What you should be focusing on is how horrible those clothes are, only one outfit, the purple one, might look good on a WOMAN. The rest deserves to be burned. I think a lot of otherwise talented designers make crap like this to get attention. Some of their fans defend them as artworks. Guess what? Fashion is about art you can wear, art that has market value. If it’s hideous and 99% of the people hate it, then it’s not fashion or art, it’s just crap.

  11. Thoroughbred July 15, 2017

    My favourites are number 4 and especially number 20 (counted from left to right, top to bottom). Some of these costumes are overdoing the idea of gender juxtaposition and therefore tend to the ridicule, whereas ‘Prince Charming”s’ costume is a quite acceptable reminiscent of the time of Roccoco.

    • Number three. worn by the black gentleman, is also featured on Beyonce’s twins “coming out” photo sans hat. I thought it was an interesting choice.

  12. The Planet of Gay Apes.

  13. Nathan & Maureen Rosenberg July 15, 2017

    As a graduate of St Martins School of Art ( Fashion Dept ) circa 1957 & also a visiting Lecturer at the London College of Fashion 1968 – 1980 & Shenkar College of Fashion in Israel & still active in the Fashion Industry, I look on these designs with much interest,for example the pink Safari Suit would be great in Beige or Navy as is the Pink coat in similar colours for Men, the White dress with the high ruffled collar & sewn down pleats in the front I made about 10 years ago in wild Silk & was a big hit in Germany with the younger girls, BUT as for the flimsy dresses they I am sorry to say would look good on some of the skinny Teenagers of today IF they could afford them

  14. Shirley P Cooper July 15, 2017

    i’ll wear some of the above but i ain going out wid no man dressed like that.

  15. Lynn carlton-blore .. This is sissy wear or gay wear or some fetish stuff.. This is not a men wear in any way this even looks stupid on a girl its a retarded dumb looking shit designer style nothing is good here with their idiotic make up and ladys underwear !! To me it looks like Christian priests would love to put some of it on their male pray when they abuse them in church gay orgies !!! It’s disgusting

    • alexander July 16, 2017

      it saddens to read your comment. This has nothing to do with fetish, its an idea of what options could work on men. like most fashion shows they are not suggesting that dave from the pub now goes and buys this in burtons. if a man shows feminity it makes them just as strong as masculinity and these clothes continue an interesting topic.
      I personally would be happy to see ideas like this, in terms of the long floaty clothes making their way into mens fashion – otherwise we’ll be stuck with our predictable and boring ‘trousers and shirt combination’ which doesnt suit everyones feelings. consider that, these people aren’t looking for your approval, just don’t want fear fed nasty comments or worse, being hurt in the process etc

    • Judy winter July 17, 2017

      Once again…omg

  16. This is a joke right… like come on… seriously

  17. Luke Owens July 15, 2017

    Why do these guys look like Jane Austen heroines? Except for the one who looks like the heroin from _The Great Gatsby_, of course.

  18. Yournamehere July 15, 2017

    This collection may be an example of “men’s wear” in Spain but most men here in the US wouldn’t be caught dead in it! Not even on Halloween. Well…except maybe in N.Y. lol
    JK.. all you New Yorkers don’t get bent out of shape! But seriously, this would NEVER fly in Texas.

  19. A shame ridiculous horrible

  20. The fashions look rediculous even on tranvestites. Only perverts will love this. It shows how sick the western society today after they abandoned their religion.

  21. joannwarner44 July 15, 2017

    Seriously as a woman I wouldn’t get caught dead wearing most of this and the models are to skinny it looks like you just threw them on these kids without a thought on size over half don’t look like they fit , way to big horrible presintation .

  22. Interesting how mere clothing can elicit such strong emotions. Only goes to show the boundaries of your small worlds. So what if you don’t like what you see, just move on, why the need for hate?

  23. GoodForGanderAndGoose July 15, 2017

    Haute couture is its own world. An often bizarre one, at that, going to the extreme ends of ideas to explore. Most of these clothes aren’t meant to be worn outside the runway; they only showcase the designers’ vision.
    For the commenters that complain about the men’s facial expressions, have you ever seen a happy female model on the runway either? Come on, good for the goose, and all that. And please stop body shaming. While I have very strong feelings about the fashion world’s need for models to look like they are starving, we must stop shaming the models themselves. Some of them, believe it or not, are simply built like that, and eat like horses besides (I was married to one of those types — slender as a reed and could eat three times what I did and never show it).
    That said, I think this is a natural pendulum swing of fashion. Men at European court a few hundred years ago wore makeup, lace, corsets, and other frippery that we relegate to women’s fashion these days. It’s not outrageous, it’s only what YOU don’t like. So this designer is actually bringing that aesthetic to the modern age. Not a bad thing, really.

  24. Aaaahahhahahaha!
    Seriously, give these poor exploited men some appropriate clothing and feed them, lol.
    Sure hope they’re getting paid enough to embarrass themselves like this.

  25. Glenn Spetz July 15, 2017

    Their eyes scream:”Please kill me now!”

  26. alexander July 16, 2017

    The underlying thing I worry most about the response to this is that the fear people have around it. Using the word like ‘sissy’ like its a bad thing. Whats wrong with that? I myself personally wear skirts on a regular basis, and wish that the world would catch up a bit.
    People are scared of this but i can’t find reasons why, besides the offensive and ignorant view that these are perverts. Women’s clothes may not have designed for men, but who says they can’t wear it. At one point women couldn’t wear trousers, it was illegal, but the world evolved and now its so commonplace we forget it was illegal before.
    The thing that makes me most concerned, not sad, is the hostility. These ideas are not to make men a joke in this situation and there are some clothes here that you wouldn’t wear to work or every day situations. But if you take the clothes on face value, you don’t understand what a runway line is. Its a series of ideas then, it gets heavily watered down if its profitable for it to reach the retail stores.
    Im quite scared really, that we live in a world where people are so quick to judge and assume they know a person. If someone dressed like this it does not a. affect their sexuality and b. identity (unless its down to personal cases) either way its okay for people to do what they want to do without being ridiculed.
    I’d say, if you don’t like it, do what my uncle does, a real man, as some people have referred to on this thread – just say, ‘thats different’ and move on. When i wear a skirt all i want to do is be invisible and safe from people who are angered by my actions, even though I have not done anything to provoke that anger. Lastly, if you don’t like someones clothes, keep it to yourself. I could complain over and over about how ‘that persons jeans fit really badly, and what on earth is that shirt’ but it doesn’t achieve anything – and it has NOTHING to do with religion. Religion is the problem here, in the strict gender roles which damn a man for being sensitive. This makes me really sad, but most of all angry. There’s no place for such ignorance

    • Judy winter July 17, 2017

      It’s still called cross dressing no matter how you justify it.

    • Real men don't care what others wear August 13, 2017

      Judy Winter it’s called cross dressing *because* of the restrictive social constructs defining gender roles – the same social constructs that prevented women from voting, perpetuate inequality for women in tbe workplace and tacitly endorse violence against women by men.

  27. Yes… These people MUST be shamed. Its mental delusion gone AWOL

    • alexander July 16, 2017

      what does shaming them do? im not sure what that achieves. i doubt that people would wear these garments down the street for example. but thats not the point of their creation.
      shaming people does nothing but settle your own fears of something you don’t understand.
      and for you its mental delusion but then someone else is different. you need to learn that your opinion of someone else is not as important as you think it is, as you feel the need to shame someone.

  28. This wouldn’t look good on a woman. Let alone a man. Even if he is homosexual

    • I liked the reply from George, he said ” I’m a gay man and I wouldn’t wear this crap”….I loved his comment…I mean come on you took bad women’s clothing and put it on men…..a man can’t wear it to the office, or on a construction site, or on a sales call. Get bloody real. Half the crap the designers come out with is never worn by you and me I don’t care if your LGSBQ or whatever….get real!!!!!!!!

  29. Haute couture is reaching such a ridiculous level because there is no morr imagination. If you are not original, you go nowhere that is how you survive in there. But here, you are giving the wrong message and I an sorry but I do not support anything which brings a wring message to the people. Anorexic sad men (because they are just bones) wearing feminine clothes that even women would not wear? Girls would never ever want a similar man next to them. This just shows how society is regressing. Why can we not carry on our lives in jeans & tshirt? Who the hell cares anyway? Fashion is not the most important thing in this world.

    • alexander July 16, 2017

      I think for most people thats okay. my point was mainly about the fact that if a man doesn’t want to do that then they are ridiculed. no one would ever ridicule a man for wearing what is an invisibility cloak, thats what jeans and t shirts are etc. but if i want to do be more engaging with what i wear then i would like to know i have the okay to do that without violence etc. Ive expereicned violence because of what a man is expected to be. it might suit some men but for me i want to wear skirts and dresses.
      and the idea that who the hell cares? and fashion isnt the most important thing? I agree that fashion is not that important, so why is there so much hostility towards it if its not the most important thing in the world

  30. They look ridiculous.

  31. People….this is fashion. Many concept cars ar ridiculous too. They are concepts. Thinking out of the box.

  32. Ti Birchrose July 16, 2017

    Simply aweful. It may be fashion, but the rich look to find something they can wear that only they can have. Outside the box, yes. Fantasy outfits, yes. But *not* flattering to the male form, does not make the man more beautiful, manly, etc., which real fashion does. Wearable in very large cities like Las Vegas, San Fran, NY, and L.A. unless you want to get beaten within an inch of your life. Even these models look pissed that they have to wear this stuff.

  33. Sadfashion July 16, 2017

    Ugly clothing simple as that… not about religion, gender or anything else. Purely ugly and impractical.

  34. retnavhmc July 17, 2017

    This is just another fake fashion “news” web page. This ain’t no spanish fashion show – these photos were stolen from the People of Walmart – Southern California web page. All I can say is – good to see some of these “Men” had the “balls” to refuse to shave their legs.

  35. Spiny Norman July 17, 2017

    I used to think the freakshow haute couture fashion designers hated women. It’s now plainly obvious they hate men, too.

  36. Patrick Macken July 17, 2017

    How does anybody make money making crap like this? I can not imagine anybody actually paying money for it. I notice that not one model is smiling.

  37. Demoralizing,degrading,and disgusting!! Ugly attire. You can’t get more gayer than that!!

    • So you think being gay means “demoralizing, degrading and disgusting”? Apart from showing a little more kindness, I think you need to read a dictionary.

  38. Reading these comments frightens me at how small minded, sexist and downright stupid so many people are. To all the women who comment that no “real man” would ever wear these clothes, yet have trousers in their wardrobe, well it wasnt that many years ago that the same comments would have been made about women only wearing “feminine” clothing. Shall we go back to you only wearing corsets, long skirts and bonnets? Lets all try to be a little more open mninded otherwise I despair for humanity.

  39. Dr. P. G. Bush July 17, 2017

    I have looked at the pictures and spent some time considering the concept. Most of these designs look uncomfortable and unfuntionable. I try to be forward thinking in this modern world with its straight & LGBT communities and maybe it is time that clothes fashions followed modern trends. Why can’t men wear skirts/ dresses etc. And why can’t women wear men’s styles? Think of the recent high temperatures and then consider as a man wearing a light loose fitting summer frock! Scottish men have been wearing kilts for ever and that’s just a glorified skirt! Also and about time too many designers are starting to do women’s clothing in plus sizes helping women just be themselves rather than trying to be skinny models and getting frustrated. As a mechanical design engineer I understand a lot about the design process and I know than practical women’s style clothes could be designed for men, and I believe that as high temperatures start becoming the norm, men will start calling for dresses and skirts to wear to be cooler.

  40. This is not fashion this is an experiment… Shouldn’t this be forbidden? it’s offensive, really…what shall I tell to my daughter if she’ll ask me “what’s this?” that this are ppyjamas for sick people from mental illness sanatorium?

    • Real men don't care what others wear August 13, 2017

      Lol… tell her it’s men wearing clothes that are traditionally considered female attire… tell her its not your cup of tea but, hey, people are different and she’ll likely see many things in her lifetime which may not align with her values but that’s unavoidable because its a big and diverse world we live in and some people won’t like her choices too and thats ok because not everyone is the same and nor do they have to be.

  41. Sad. All I can say is that it is so sad.

  42. 6&3/4inches July 18, 2017

    Glad I’m old and won’t be here for the end of the world. Seeing stories like this convince me of the end of times is nearing.

  43. The darkest evil one is the sower of gender confusion …This is frightening and horrid.. Nothing about it fashionable, but knee jerky awkward poking fun at something that is meant to make one feel comfortable in ones skin.. Clothes should never wear the person, as in the case,… the person should wear clothes that are an expression of themselves,but, this just screams,… demented.. Pathetic and nothing campy or jaunty or fun about any of this line… Two thumbs down in my opinion..worth two cents.The problem is I cannot un see this post.. ugh…

  44. I don’t care for how it’s themed, “What men should be wearing in future.” It’s interesting as a runway show which most runway is never actually worn. It’s a show Neanderthals and female and feminine male models on runway are very skinny. It’s been that way for decades. Just how it is. Could that change? Maybe, but it hasn’t.

  45. Are you kidding me? If you are questioning whether this is symptomatic of the total emasculation of men, you are oblivious to reality and, obviously, a flaming liberal.

  46. vivi delshammar July 18, 2017

    Who is the designer? A woman born in a mans body and totally confused?
    A very daring ontake for sure!!!

  47. Horrible stuff…. worthless to comments.

  48. Most of these look awesome, like some kind of decadent renaissance aristocracy. Y’all are pussies who can’t see a bit of lace or ruff on a man without wringing your hands and pissing your pants. Show some perspective. Just my opinion lads!

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