Latest Social Media Trend: Condom Snorting Challenge


So apparently the Tide Pod eating generation is at it again… This time the latest social media trend is called the condom snorting challenge. It entails taking an unwrapped condom, inhaling it through the nostril and pulling it out of the throat through the mouth.

We’re only showing screenshots, because videos are taken down from YouTube and Instagram almost as fast as they’re uploaded. Why? Because snorting condoms is stupid and dangerous, and shouldn’t be done.


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  1. Now I Know Why Some Animals Eat Their Young.

    • Nicol├ís April 5, 2018

      Jajaja it is definitely a trait missing from our species!!

  2. Remember that this is the same group of people that is demonstrating to tell adults how to run the country…..

    • You young people racist

    • @BigR
      Do you really think that ALL young people are the same? Just think about it. There might well be some who are pro guns and snort condoms whilst not every youth is stupid enough to snort condoms. But let me guess, when you were young, everyone was exactly the same, right?

  3. 2013 called. They want their hoax back.

  4. I can’t wait to hear their opinions on gun control

  5. Goober the not Funny April 6, 2018

    I always enjoy Galleries of Gen Y being complete idiots

  6. Be afraid April 6, 2018

    Where’s the Tide Pods? And these kids are gonna vote soon.

  7. Commi Bob April 6, 2018

    No guns, no cars except driven by automation, no breeding except by permit, intra country passports, no pointy sticks, plastic utensils only, and an export immigration (ours to them) treaty with our worst enemies (Chicoms, NORKS, Ruskies, Sadiq’s London)

  8. And while their parents were all out voting for Donald Trump….

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