Stop Blaming USA for Everything!



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  1. Snozzlebert Chesterfield April 12, 2015

    I’m saying nothing

  2. That’s a map of Africa

  3. Prins Ronald April 12, 2015

    I rest my case

  4. Trolling is an art you need yet to master. And copying will get you nowhere.
    BTW: please don’t post things like “That’s a map of Africa”. TNX

    • … and accuracy is one you need to master. That’s a map of Africa not India. Don’t undermine your argument with innaccuracy.

    • Wow…

    • Trolling is saying something that causes other people to argue. If you have to point it out or be part of the argument, you have failed.

  5. That really is a map of Africa.
    And India has four times the population of the US (1.2bn vs 300m) but less than twice the greenhouse gasses…

  6. It is a map of Africa, not India. India accounts for 5.7% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, while the US accounts for nearly 16% (and even higher, depending on your mix of greenhouse gases). As for per capita emissions, do the arithmetic (it isn’t math). Malcolm above is dead on. This should actually be removed because it perpetuates nonsensical stereotypes about so-called “developing” countries (India, of course with nuclear weapons, its own space program, and now according to World Bank figures, the tenth largest economy in the world, and the fourth largest standing army in the world, behind US, China, and South Korea). Wake up.

    • I second that comment, but for the part about arithmetic not being mathematics, as arithmetic is a branch of maths (a very elementary one, but none the less).

    • You're all wet April 12, 2015

      Water vapor is a greenhouse gas.

    • Ha and you totally missed the joke! It’s pointing out that most Americans are so dumb, that they wouldn’t be able to find India n a map, or know that that picture is actually Africa.

  7. A good lesson on the abuse of social media today. Post a damning untrue headline which encourages people to “share” and you get subliminal messages sent all over the place. Politicians and political parties are now doing this. By the time these messages are countered, there are new messages to read and nobody is interested in the argument against the old message. So the lies survive and the general populous votes and acts upon them.

    • Mr. No more potatoes. April 14, 2015

      Sadly this is the political reality in the US.

  8. This is a map for Africa not India. So regardless of greenhouse gas can we still say the US are and remain quite ignorant?

  9. NY Times (formerly a newspaper) April 12, 2015

    That’s a map of Wisconsin. Scott Walker is responsible for global warming.

    • Business Insideher April 13, 2015

      That’s ludacris! Judging by the coloration of the picture it’s definitely a lake with few islands inside it and a smaller pond besides it. I know what I’m talking about, i’ve seen some maps in 9th grade.

    • That’s not Ludacris, that’s a map of Africa.

  10. From the comments this troll was completely successful!!!!! Great Job Eat Liver!

  11. Elron Mohammad Sanger Gore April 13, 2015

    Insulting another great religion. When will this religious intolerance end at EatLiver?

  12. Just saying... April 13, 2015

    Has anyone noticed how similar in shape Africa and India are?

  13. There’s still a lot of people to be trolled hard, I see…

  14. The $64,000 question April 13, 2015

    Is a fake UN study more accurate than a real UN study?

  15. No matter, the war on poor people, wherever they live, will be fought, by poor people, for rich people. The rich use bullshit like climate change as the excuse to eliminate more and more poor people. But please, keep drinking the koolaid of the rich and feel guilty enough about climate change to off yourself, it’s what the rich want you to do.

  16. fool is that india?

  17. This is not India but Africa on the background map

  18. Save for an attempted humour with a map change, how is it funny, exactly? India, China and other developing countries produce more dangerous waste per capita than USA.

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