Those Damn Immigrants…



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  1. “Heil myself!”
    I *love* that film, “To Be Or Not To Be”!!!

    • German Machine Gun January 28, 2017

      You know, the last Führer put a bullet in his brains.

    • The last Führer also only had one testicle.

    • Owls Mirror January 29, 2017

      Oh noes!
      The whiny Leftist snowflakes
      can’t laugh no moes!
      Oppression depression, sweeties!

    • Not a Socialist January 30, 2017

      The last fürer was a national socialist.

    • @Not a Socialist
      Looking at what he did, what he wrote in his book and so on you won’t find much if any parallels to any socialist idea in it. Basically, he was a fascist.

    • Bill from Orleans February 14, 2017

      @ anteater Hitler’s doctor Erwin Giesing and his personal physician Theodor Morell disregarded the idea of Hitler’s monorchism and said there was nothing wrong with Hitler’s testicles. It was just an old British war song no truth in it. But as for Trump while very likely he has both testicles it is highly likely he has Hydranencephaly.

  2. I think America should be a lot more careful than we have been with our borders, but this is funny.

  3. The Pumpkin Führer!

  4. Snowflakes, did you say? Why, yes. Winter is coming.

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