Meanwhile In Sweden…



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  1. This what Europe has become :( Sad.

  2. Harry Potter fell on hard times, what with his student loans, and the realization that nobody is looking for someone with a degree in Wizard Studies…

  3. Kauf Buch May 27, 2017

    WHO POSTEDVTHIS PHOT OF ME!!! You bunch of Hilary loving douchebags!!!!

    • Going by your comments I thought you were way younger than the kid in the picture.

  4. Evil Smurfette May 27, 2017

    Evil smurf. He is reversed, white skin, blue pants.

  5. Kauf Buch May 27, 2017

    WHO POSTED THIS PHOTO OF ME!!! You bunch of Hilary loving douchebags!!!!

  6. Where’s his Taqiyah and his goat?

  7. No step on snek May 28, 2017

    A wild Ikeite appears, if you catch it and figh it against other Storemon™ you can evolve it into an Ikeer, and eventually an Ikeing. Its attacks consist of throwing bags of extra parts at the enemy, and being especially confusing to assemble.

  8. Dr. Josif May 28, 2017

    Now, now, EUro, you don’t have to brag about us everywhere we go, sweetie.

  9. RegressiveLeftist May 28, 2017

    Sweden, the world’s rape capital.

    • That’s because Sweden has stricter laws. New american fun sport “stealthing” will bring you behind bars for rape. And that’s ok. Kauf Buch was made that way. We don’t want more of his kind, do we?

    • RegressiveLeftist May 28, 2017

      That’s how a dumny leftist brain works. They try to apologize and/or justify the obvious. “Sweden has high rape rates because of strict laws, not because of rapists”.

    • Kauf Buch May 28, 2017

      TO RL
      It sure *is* like shooting fish in a barrel with these Leftist morons, ain’t it? :)

    • OMG, you see that photo and the first thing you think of is rape.
      Well before you book your ticket you should know that in Sweden even the way you look at your sister is considered rape while in America I bet you never even reported your brother or your dad or your grandaddy, not even once.

    • RegressiveLeftist May 28, 2017

      @KB it sure is. Another one is blaming the law for rapes. Maybe if we legalize rapes the rate drops to 0 per year.

    • No wonder a citizen of a country with a ***** grabbing president doesn’t understand that.

    • RegressiveLeftist May 29, 2017

      Explain to us. Enlighten the world. Should women in Sweden adapt their view on rape to avoid misunderstanding with Muslims? Tell us. How would you bend your standards to protect you PC view on Islam.

    • I don’t have a PC view of islam. If I could I would ban it. Like all other religions.

  10. Kauf Buch May 28, 2017

    I gotta give that kid in the photo credit for ONE thing:
    he PAID for that blue bag…unlike filthy Leftists who would have stolen the yellow ones!

  11. Kauf Buch May 28, 2017

    I have the same bag! Except in yellow.

    • RegressiveLeftist May 28, 2017

      That’s expected. You are unable to create your own nickname. You rob nicknames and ikea yellow bags.

    • douche bags stealing ikea bags from tea bags

  12. RegressiveLeftist May 29, 2017

    It’s all a coincidence all muslim countries do not respect women and local minorities, it’s another coincidence rape rate increases when Muslims migrate, and it’s even a major coincidence terror attacks are 99.99% done by Muslims. Islam is a religion of peace with bad luck.

    • “and it’s even a major coincidence terror attacks are 99.99% done by Muslims”
      Erm, well, last time I’ve checked so called Christians like the USA and Britain (amongst others) have killed hundred thousands of Muslims in the past 30 or so years. Amongst the victims mainly children, women and other civilians. Isn’t it a bit rich to argue that 99.99% of terror attacks are done by Muslims when in reality Christians murder people, these days preferably Muslims, all over the place? Seems to me that Christianity is a religion of killing people.
      “it’s another coincidence rape rate increases when Muslims migrate”
      Fun fact: In Germany, for instance, the number of (reported) rapes has been about the same for the last few decades. The majority of people didn’t give a flying shit, but now that some Muslims join in, they portray themselves as saviours of women. That’s pretty hypocritical in my book.

    • report to the FBI May 29, 2017

      It’s true. The rape rate did not increase. It’s actually sinking – like all crime rates in Germany.
      There was an increase in the rape statistics during the 90s. Probably ’cause the government passed a law that made in-marriage rape (finaly) a crime. Nowadays right winged populists invent many stories about rape. Even the russian propaganda station RT reported in detail about a rape that never took place at all. All made up.
      That doesn’t mean Immigrants can’t be criminals. But they don’t impact on the statistics more than the natives.

    • RegressiveLeftist May 29, 2017

      Yeah… We can see Muslims countries fully respect women and local minorities. Never saw a single atheist being publicly slashed and women being stoned after reporting rape. That’s why I fully believe this kind of behavior wouldn’t follow them. Let’s all close out eyes in the name of PC. No children was blown up recently, the tour of the truck of Love is not happening around Europe, Sweden did not increase rape rates.

    • RegressiveLeftist May 30, 2017

      And the most sad part is: if Christians do something wrong and we report, everyone agrees. If Muslims do somethibg wrong, brainless leftists run in defense saying if others do wrong, we can’t criticize Muslims. Then the barbaric ones get free pass for any thing and leftists blames themselves for being the oppressors that deserved that.

    • Only in your drug induced fantasy.

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