Icelandic Humor Is Even Darker Than Their Winters


As you can see from these comics by Icelandic cartoonist Hugleikur Dagsson, their humor really is darker than most.


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  1. Scott Gallant December 1, 2016

    Is it still domestic violence if you are visiting another country?

    • Seriously… domestic violence is not a joke, or a punch line…. Man up, and take a stand against something that attacks…. most often women, and most usually… quality family life… and peace….

    • Nyet, despite the fact Scott’s pun is not really funny, you are an imbecile go back to your safe space little ****.

    • Mohammad Ahmed El Al Shaboom December 2, 2016


    • Bob, with your attitude you are very likely to be a wife basher, with a tiny ****….

    • BabyPuncher December 2, 2016

      What do you tell a woman with 2 black eyes? Nothing. You already told the bitch twice.

    • To different degrees. In Muslim countries? It’s OK there…

  2. Scott Gallant December 1, 2016

    Selfie time with dead Santa!!

  3. Rhaquel Zjack December 1, 2016

    I don’t believe Bob will care at all, but please, everyone else:. Can we stop using slang words for female parts (if it doesn’t make anyone squirm, the vagina and adjacent genitalia), as put downs? It’s language intended to reinforce the notion of male superiority. Basically, it keeps saying that women, with their *****, are so inferior. Come up with an argument and make a real point. If you and your partner like talking that way in bed, great. But we know your intentions when you use it in public discourse. You want to feel better about yourself, and it’s a quick salve you apply to your psyche.

    • “reinforce the notion of male superiority”
      Then why is being called a **** also an insult? Please think before typing next time.

    • Anyone offended by the word **** should stop being such a ***** grow a pair.

    • It's a jeep thing.... December 2, 2016

      I good grief. No…this kind of crap is what is perpetuating inequality. Everyone should be able to say any word they like, male or female, without having to worry about your fragile little lady parts having their feeling hurt. And before you get all upetty about being a girl; I carry the same equipment.

    • GenitaliaMan December 4, 2016

      Rhaquel : “It’s language intended to reinforce the notion of male superiority. Basically, it keeps saying that women, with their *****, are so inferior.”
      So when people use slangwords that represents male genitalia (i.e starting with D an C) it reinforce the notion of female superiority? Furthermore, neither the penis or the testicles are very strong. So chill. If you want to talk about sturdy genitalia, look at the vagina. It can take a serious beating!
      People (usually) don’t want to dominate women, when they use ugly words. And the people that does such a thing are out of reach.
      I am sick and tired of reading about entitled and offended people that reacts because they read more into stuff than what was intended.
      Make your own website with political correct jokes. Or jokes that make fun of dominating men.
      But watch out! You might get assaulted in the comment sections by middleaged men that identify as female altar boys. I am sure they would feel very offended if you assumed their gender or identity!

  4. Unknown origin December 1, 2016

    Rhaquel Zjack – but isn’t it the same as calling someone a **** or a Tool? Or scrotum head…

  5. The Logic Psycho December 1, 2016

    I guess we have found something darker than Icelandic humour (一_一)

  6. Cats > Iceland and their stupid jokes.
    RIP IN PEACE, Eatliver.

    • PatronasKitty7 December 4, 2016

      Dear Eatliver,
      The Entire World

  7. Rick Sanchez (CNN) December 4, 2016

    Isn’t Iceland too cold for a volcano?

  8. Unknown origin December 5, 2016

    Boring! Why is there no new post?? Is Eatliver finished?

  9. Dr. Ornithologist December 5, 2016

    Eatliver, quick make a new post we haven’t ever seen twice before, the comments section is exploding!

  10. Quiteindeed December 5, 2016

    Enough with asking. We demand new post daily! We have the right! We have the voice! And answers. Yea, we demand answers too!

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